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The Ultimate Reading Quest

Posted on: October 24, 2014

I have been invited to be part of the ultimate reading quest. Check it out and discover many new authors of exciting new books. We all like to read books, don’t we? There is also an opportunity to enter into a draw for a book of your choice.


The ULTIMATE READING QUEST STARTS HERE! Click on this button to join the Ultimate Reading Quest. Find authors who write the kind of books you like!

To enter the give away click here:


Good luck and happy browsing!

Now I am back to packing…..

12 Responses to "The Ultimate Reading Quest"

Ths is a great opporutnity. I clicked on fiction and ended up with one of my favorite authors — have read all of her books. Wish there was something for multicultural. Will have to explore more.

I would love to know who that favourite author is so I can check him/her out. Much work was put into creating this site and I am honoured to be included.

Michelle Isenhoff. Love her historical fiction and dysoptian MG novels. Her style is uniquely literary and I admire her work.

Oh yes, I love her work as well. I particularly enjoyed The Quill Pen.

That was fun! I was happy to see you in both the mystery & action / adventure category.


It was fun. Thanks for checking me out. Happy to be included with all the other wonderful writers.

Nice to see you in the mystery section Darlene, also fun to read about books I’ve not come across before. Fun idea, thank you for sharing it. Barbara.

I was pleased about that too. Thanks Barbara.

Congratulations to you, Darlene. Keep havin’ fun.
blessings ~ maxi

I will continue to have fun as long as I can! Thanks Maxi.

AWESOME!!! I will check it out! 😀

You’ll find some cool books there.

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