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Life is Too Short

Posted on: September 24, 2014

I found this on the wonderful Beth Ann Chiles blog It’s Just Life.  A blog I enjoy following regularly because you never know what gems you’ll find there.

Life is Too Short

Life is too short to not take the time to do something fun every single day.

Life is too short to not use the good dishes or eat in the dining room.

Life is too short to not wear the expensive perfume.

Life is too short to not say what is on your mind.

Life is too short to be wasted on silly disagreements.

Life is too short to not stop and admire every beautiful thing in nature that we happen upon.

Life is too short to not embrace new things.

Life is too short to not say I am sorry when we are wrong.

Life is too short to ignore someone in need.

Life is too short to not sample something new.

Life is too short to worry about a single thing that you can do nothing about.

Life is too short to blend in.

Life is too short to spend in negativity.

Life is too short to be living someone else’s dream.

Life is too short to not do something challenging.

Life is too short to not do what you love.

Life is too short to not tell those you love how much you love them every single day.

Life is too short to be mean.

Life is too short to just exist—go out and LIVE!

This week Beth Ann is giving away fabulous stuff  everyday. (Because that’s just the kind of person she is!) Hop over to her blog, add a comment and you may win something marvellous. 


I am about to make a major life change. (more about that later). This post helped me to realize I need to do this because after all – life is too short not to.

And this from Cynthia Baker’s blog Simple Pleasures  where she matches her incredible photography with meaningful quotes.

Photograph by Cynthia Baker

Photograph by Cynthia Baker

Have you been given an opportunity to make a life change in the past? Are you glad you did? Was it worth it?

22 Responses to "Life is Too Short"

I couldn’t agree more Darlene. Sending best wishes as you make your change.

You are living proof of making the best of life!

Thanks for the sweet shout out, Darlene. I think you are pretty darn special, too!

Have I made a life change and am I happy with it? Yes, on both counts. I tell about one major change in this blog post in April 2014: http://plainandfancygirl.com/2014/04/07/flying-the-coop-leaving-mennonite-land-guest-post-2/

And yes, I am trying to live in the moment and not just for the future. Yesterday I made lunch for friends with china and crystal, often I spray on expensive Vera Wang, and today I had to apologize to my husband for hurting his feelings. “Live your best life now” is a mantra I try to practice daily. Great reminder, Darlene.

Oh yes, you certainly did make a huge change in your life. I love your “live your best life now” philosophy. Thanks for your regular visits to my blog!

Funny you send out a blog expressing the very sentiments Don and I were talking about earlier in the day. LIFE IS TOO SHORT!

I knew you would agree with this post. Its why we’re doing what we’re doing! You and Don have always lived life to the fullest.

Wise words indeed!

Thanks. We need reminding from time to time.

Always a timely reminder to go do the things we want to do, and to use the pretty notebooks we’ve been saving for … don’t-know-what. All the best with the change you mentioned, Darlene. If it’s often on your mind, it’ll certainly be worth it!

Thank you so much Claudine. I am using those pretty notebooks now!

Wish you the best with you life change — and we have to wait to find out?

My entire life has been about change — some things chosen and others not. It has helped me to live more in the present moment. I love the list you shared.

I do believe change makes us stronger and appreciate the present more. Glad you like the list. Soon all will be revealed. I don’t want to say too much yet in case it doesn’t pan out.

Oh Darlene of course it will pan out. Take that first step, move out of your comfort zone and as Mary Oliver says “One day you finally knew
what you had to do, and began,” From The Journey. Good luck. Waiting to hear more from you.

You serve as an inspiration Judith! Thanks for the great quote.

Beautiful words Darlene, and oh so true. Thank you for sharing them and the links, I’m going to visit Beth Ann just as soon as I leave this comment. Have a lovely weekend. x

You will love Beth Ann’s site. Especially Teapot Tuesday. She has the most amazing collection of tea pots I have ever seen.

Thank you for the inspiration Darlene. It is good to take time to remember the important things!

Thanks! I think you tend to make the most of life. It is always worth a reminder to be sure.

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