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Amanda in Alberta Trailer

Posted on: August 16, 2014

I’ve created a trailer for my latest book, Amanda in Alberta – The Writing on the Stone. Let me know what you think.


43 Responses to "Amanda in Alberta Trailer"

Well, it certainly grabbed my attention Darlene, how clever of you to put it all together. I like the title of the new book.

Glad you liked the video. I’m not very technical but this was fun to put together. I used all my own pictures too.

Nice! I like it. 🙂 Kamila

Thanks! Pleased you like it.

Fabulous – you did a great job Darlene.

Thanks so much! I’m so happy you like it. Great to have you visit.Hope all is well down under.

Great trailer, Darlene. Looks like Amanda is ready for a mysterious adventure; her search for the markings on the stone.
blessings ~ maxi

I love it!!! Great trailer and the music is fabulously fitting!!!

It makes me happy that you like it. I struggled over getting the right background music.

The music is zippy and the idea fresh. I like the trailer, Darlene. There are enough hints to get my attention and want to read the book! Nice going. 🙂

So pleased you liked it and found it interesting!

I really like your clever new trailer for Amanda. It creates a lot of interest in the book and I love the background music.

It means a lot to me that you like the trailer Patricia. I had a hard time deciding on the background music but it seems like I picked the right one. Thanks for tweeting it.

Flawless, Darlene. The audio and video fit together perfectly. When my grandsons (ages 6 – 10) come for dinner this evening, I’ll have to show it to them. That would be a true test, don’t you think!

So true. Please let me know what they think. Although my main character is a girl, I find both genders enjoy the adventures. Enjoy your visit with the grandsons!

My first comment got gobbled up by the cyber monster, it seems.
You did a fine job on your first book trailer, Darlene.
I’m looking forward to when I can read your book; moving up my review list. 🙂

Glad you liked the trailer and can’t wait to read your review.

You are a woman of many talents!

But a master at none!! Thanks though for your vote of confidence.

I liked the trailer also and echo everyone else’s comments on how the music did a great job of moving it along. I felt it did a good job of creating interest, explaining the story, but no spoilers. I also thought the selection of pictures was good. I haven’t read the book yet, but I imagine that some of these (like the teepee) is described in the book, so a picture of it really helps flesh it out.


Thanks Nancy. Your feedback is important to me. The pictures are all my own and yes, many of these things are in the book. I’m not very technical, so I’m pleased people like it.

You’re welcome! It looks very professional – you did good!

I like how you photographed your pictures including the white borders creating pictures of pictures. It creates a fun, intriguing allusion of luring readers to read about adventures that someone had with photos to prove it. I used to use photostory and now you make me want to use animoto. Congratulations on the recent release and may it have many readers.

Thanks Georgette, I’m glad you like how it turned out. I love animoto. For a non techy person like me it is easy and fun to use. Amanda takes pictures when she travels so I simply used my own pictures to make it look authentic..

Really good video…definitely would want to make you fans buy the book! Good luck with t all Darlene.

Awe, thank you so much. I’m more than pleased you like it. Thanks for the good luck wishes as well.

The music pulled me in right away

I think this is a brilliant idea Darlene! How clever of you. Do most author’s do this kind of thing?

Thanks Sue. Glad you like it. It is recommended that authors provide a trailer. I was happy to find Animoto as it is very user friendly (I’m not very technical) I also can’t afford to have someone create a trailer for me. It was fun putting it together.

Good for you! Looks great.

Oh how fun! Your Amanda is off on quite the adventure! 🙂 And I see how similar Alberta and Kansas are. (without the mountains on the western side.)

Yes, Alberta and Kansas are very similar. Great folks live in both places. You could easily say “You’re not in Alberta any more Dorothy” Glad you liked the video.

That’s great Darlene, and very fun. I love the music! 🙂 ~Terri

So pleased you like it Terri.


Happy you love it Holly. Thanks so much for tweeting it.

I loved it, the whistling music, the scribbles on the envelope, and the overall indie-filmesque air! Congrats on the new book release, Darlene.

Thanks so much Claudine! I’m very pleased you liked the way the trailer turned out. Thanks for tweeting it as well.

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