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A Visit to Sowing Seeds Preschool

Posted on: August 12, 2014

I was invited to read my books to the students and families of Sowing Seeds Preschool today. What a fun experience that was! Most of the children were preschool age, which is younger than I am used to reading to. But they were very attentive and well behaved. Parents and siblings were also invited so it was a large and diverse group. I read small excerpts from each book and allowed for questions and comments in between. The puppets were a hit again with Ali Baba stealing the show. He was passed around so everyone had a chance to hold him for a minute or two. One young listener was reluctant to return him to me.

The school went all out to make me feel welcome. As I approached the gates of the school, a poster announcing my visit greeted me.


A walk of fame directed everyone to the gymnasium where I made my presentation. How cool is that!




I set up my display featuring items representing all four books.



I read short excerpts from each book, choosing passages with lots of action and animals.





One delightful three year old girl, Bhargavi, asked me if Amanda was going to India. I said that it was a great idea and that Amanda would love to go to India, as would I.

answering questions

answering questions


When the children got a bit restless, the Director of the school had them stand up and do the Hokey Pokey. They loved shouting Yee Haw at the end (the cowboy version). So I donned my cowboy hat and read from Amanda in Alberta.



I was presented with a delightful book the students had created together just for me as a thank you.










It ended with thank you written in all the languages represented in the school. Something I will treasure forever!

And some may wonder why I write.


32 Responses to "A Visit to Sowing Seeds Preschool"

Oh, how fun! They put a lot of effort into making your visit special for everyone. That seems like a lot of different languages for one school.

The school is in a very multicultural area. One little girl remarked that Amanda should go to India as she would like it there. So cute.

You distilled the essence of why I teach 2-year-olds in Sunday School after teaching college for most of my academic career. Kids are so close to the source of creativity and haven’t had creativity drummed out of them. Bravo to you!

You are so right Marian. It is refreshing to be around small children. The little girl who suggested I write about India was only 3 years old!

Now that Darlene has to be the best reward of all time. It filled my early morning with a joyful smile!

Glad to bring a smile your way. Thanks Chris.

This is fantabulous. I have goosebumps reading about your day and your star-like reception. How smart is that little girl from India. You look wonderful and there’s no doubt that you enjoy writing for children. Woo hoo. Hats off to you, Darlene.

Thanks so much. You are such a great supporter and always make me feel like I’m on the right track. The little girl who suggested I write about India is only 3 years old!

You are WELcome, Darlene.

Amazing little girl. Smart, if you ask me, but no need to. 😀 ❤

What an honor to stir the creativity of little ones by sharing your enthusiasm for books and reading. What a reception you received. All those hours, all that work you have invested in the Amanda series is reaching many. Go Darlene!

It is moments like this that make sit all worthwhile to be sure. Thanks for your encouragement.

How sweet! That is so touching, Darlene. How proud and elated you must have felt at this rewarding event for you.

Thanks Lynn. I did leave feeling very fulfilled. I can see you doing something similar in a few years. Thanks for your support and encouragement.

Celebrity author!! Complete with walk of fame. Also, love your red outfit.

Thanks Sheila. Went consignment shopping.

What a delight to read of your day and to see the photos. I can definitely see why you love to write for children. Lovely.

Thank you for those kind words Sue.

What a wonderful experience for you and for the children. I hope you inspired many to become lifelong readers. And yes, Amanda needs to go to India. Can I tag along?

Thanks TBM. They were very young and still keen to hear the stories. I’m sure they will be lifelong readers and some may even become writers. They already made a book for me. I’ll let you know when I go to India.

Oh, Darlene, what a wonderful time you must have had. I don’t think an author could ask for anything more.So well deserved.

Thanks Laura. I am sure you can understand why this meant so much to me.

Wow, what a wonderful and joyful visit. They rolled out the carpet. You must have felt like a star. So happy for you!

Thanks Patricia. It was very special. Thanks for the tweet as well

This is a delightful post, Darlene! The pictures are terrific, and I’m still smiling at the Walk of Fame.

That walk of fame certainly put a smile on my face as well. Glad you like the pictures.

The walk of fame was amazing! I can see why you will treasure the book they gave you. It looks as though you all had a fun time.

That walk of fame was amazing as was the Thank You book. It was a fun time to be sure! Life is good.Thanks for visiting.

If you come down to Ontario you have to visit my kids’s school! (They go ga-ga when writers and artists visit them!)

I would love to visit your kid’s school should I ever get to Ontario. Thanks for stopping by Khaula.

Because of writers like you, and schools/teachers like the one you just visited, children will grow up to be lively, happy, SMART readers!!! Thank you.

Thank you for stopping in and for your kind words. Children are never too young to learn the joy of reading.

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