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Why I Write For Children

Posted on: July 12, 2014


Today I am a guest on Leanne Dyck’s informative blog.

Why I Write for Children by Darlene Foster

I began my love affair with books as a child. Some of my fondest memories are being read to by a family member, visiting the library for the first time, and discovering the ability to read by myself. I keep worn copies of favourite childhood books and revisit my old friends from time to time for comfort. Books and children go together like strawberries and ice cream.
Read more of the article here and add a comment:
The picture of the cutie reading is my four year old great granddaughter. Reading runs in the family.


20 Responses to "Why I Write For Children"

Indeed, you are building a readership for the future. I love nothing better to see kids read instead of playing with their Tablets and iPads etc.
Wonderful you do what you love and do so well. Indeed, you must keep those fans happy. 🙂

Thank you for sharing this link, Darlene. And for being my guest. This has been a very fun experience for me. I love to learn more about authors and what inspires them.
All the best

It was a pleasure to be your guest Leanne. It was fun for me as well.

Congratulations Darlene…Love the interview!

Thanks so much for your support.

I took my 3 grandchildren to the library last week. Every time we go they have an interesting time looking up books by subject and then scouring the shelves looking for their choices. One of life’s little pleasures.

What a wonderful thing to do with your grandchildren. I can just imagine their faces when they found the perfect book to take home.

Thanks for sharing. It was a good interview. Personally, I love your books! The stories are entertaining and thoughtful and kept me engaged to the end. I think the only people who think children’s books are easy to write are people who haven’t tried to actually write them.


Thanks! I’m so pleased you enjoyed my books Nancy. I suppose many things look easy if you haven’t tried it. (I still don’t think I’ll try bungee jumping though) Thanks for stopping by.

Darlene, I left a comment for you on Leanne’s blog but I don’t think she has approved it yet.
Keep up the great writing!

Thanks Lynn for your encouragement.

A great interview, Darlene. I hope the comment I’m trying to leave on Leanne’s blog will post. 🙂

Thanks Laura. I hope you have recovered from the nasty storm.

Grandchild visits are the very best!

Oh yes they are. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

I really enjoyed the interview Darleen, and seeing your great granddaughter so engrossed in her book made my heart sing!

Doesn’t she look so adorable. She really does enjoy her books. The tradition continues. Glad you enjoyed the interview.

Congratulations Darlene. I have left a comment on Leanne’s blog.

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