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Grandson’s First Visit

Posted on: July 11, 2014

I recently flew to Medicine Hat, Alberta to visit my mom in the hospital and to see my son and his family. My thirteen year old grandson returned with me to spend a couple of weeks on the west coast. Although his older brother and sisters have spent time with us, it was his very first visit. It’s been fun to watch him experience many firsts. It is his first time away from his parents and his first trip outside of Alberta. You can imagine how excited he was to fly on an airplane for the first time.

Waiting at the Medicine Hat airport

Waiting at the Medicine Hat airport


First time on an air plane

First time on an airplane


First time at a beach

First time at a beach


Helping Gramma sell books

Helping Gramma sell books at Fort Langley


Visiting Science World

Visiting Science World


Look what I built with Keva at Science World!

Look what I built with Keva at Science World!

 Making feathered friends at the Bird Sanctuary

Making feathered friends at the Reifel Bird Sanctuary



Fish and Chips with the grandparents

Fish and Chips with the grandparents in Steveston Village


Trying things on at the Maritime Museum

Trying things on at the Maritime Museum

I delivered him to his aunt’s place which took a two hour ride on a large ferry, a twenty minute ride on a smaller ferry and a ten minute small motor boat ride to get there. For a prairie boy who has never seen the ocean before, this was quite an adventure.

First time on a ferry

First time on a ferry

Finding a huge pencil on Mudge Island

Finding a huge pencil on Gabriola Island

Finding a 1000 piece puzzle at the Book Nook with his aunty

Finding a 1000 piece puzzle at the Book Nook with his aunty

Aunt and nephew on her island; good buddies

Aunt and nephew on her island; good buddies

Last report from my daughter is that he went crabbing with his uncle, sampled crab for the first time and loved it! His adventure continues.

Do you remember the first time you went some place without your parents or tried something new?

30 Responses to "Grandson’s First Visit"

These are memories he (and you) will treasure! Keep it up! Our boys continued their solo visits with granny into their late teens.

I plan to. I look forward to them visiting me in Spain.

I’m reminded of a couple of very interesting books I’m reading by Dr. Bill Thomas: his second “Second Wind” and the earlier one I’m reading now, “What are Old People for?” One of his contentions is that the invention of the grandmother was THE greatest invention of humanity. Howzat?! More at http://secondwindtour.org/

Thanks I will check it out.

What an adventure. In my time a trip like this was not only NOT possible but expensive. Travel is a great learning experience as well as good memory making with family and relatives. Looks and sounds like a fab time. 😀 Oh happy summer.

Happy summer to you too! I travelled with my grandparents a bit (by car) but never very far. Those are precious memories and I hope they will be for my grandson as well.

I KNOW they will. In the OLD days, without extended family, we didn’t have these wonderful opportunities. 🙂 Treasure them, he will.

Lovely pictures 🙂 What a handsome boy!

He is indeed handsome. Thanks.

I like this version of firsts, especially the head sticking out of the beach sand and the huge pencil found. Another writer in the family?

Perhaps. He is very creative and did assist me with the research for my latest book. I wonder what it would be like to write an entire book with a pencil that large!

Your grandson looks very happy experiencing his ” first’s” with his grandparents! Lovely post!

Thanks Gerryann. He does seem to be enjoying himself.

He has your smile. Making first memories is always so much fun. Looks like he’s had a great time!

It is fun to be able to supply him with some first memories. He has a great smile and a wonderful personality. I have 4 grandchildren and they are all special in different ways.

What a wonderful time you have had with him. He looks so very happy as do you. I love that you were able to do this and make memories with him. My first trip away was probably staying with my grandparents on their farm for a week —–all by myself with not siblings. It was wonderful.

I had three (sometimes annoying) little brothers, so getting away to spend time with my grandparents in the city, on my own, was such a treat. I’m so glad I’ve been able to have my grandchildren come out to visit me. It helps to get to know them better too. They are all great!!!

Your grandson has a brilliant smile, Darlene. What a charmer. Wonderful that he got to spend such happy days with his grandparents.
blessings ~ maxi

He does have a great smile. I am blessed with amazing grandchildren. Thanks Maxi.

I’m glad you took time to share this. It was fun to see what you did together and to enjoy him experiencing so many things!


It was fun to relive some of the things we did together. He still has a couple of days here so there may be another post.

Huzzah! An adventuring he goes! 😉

He’s having a blast! Another day at the beach today.

That’s a lot of firsts, how exciting that you got to enjoy them with him.

It was indeed fun to make these firsts happen for him. But that’s what grandmothers are for, right?

But, of course! And we enjoy every minute. 🙂

So glad he had a fun time. I was shipped off when I was seven when the parents had a month-long trip in Europe. I had a great time with my grandparents even if I was miffed I wasn’t going to Europe.

I’m sure you did have a great time. It looks like you made up for it by doing a lot of travelling later on.

Darlene, this entire post had me smiling. There’s nothing better than having a grandchild visit, and your details and pictures are busy, happy, and loving. Our grandchildren are almost 11 and almost 10 (Irish twins, 11 months apart) and we’ll see them soon to celebrate both birthdays on a day in the middle of the two.

I’m glad this post made you smile Marylin. I’m sure you will have a great time with your “Irish twins” (I love that term)

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