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Do you write about your travels?

Posted on: May 19, 2014

Read what I have to say about documenting travel experiences on Karen Sanderson’s blog.

Karen R. Sanderson's Blog

DSC00977 I have traveled quite a bit, but have not always made a habit of writing about my experiences. Many of my travels have no documentation, just memories.

Though one trip to Maine I kept a diary and took pictures. I also kept the maps and guide books. I did the same while on a trip to Germany.

My mom traveled to Wales and England, and she kept a diary and took pictures (yes, I have the diary and the pics!). I hope to make that same trip one day.

Research with travel books

When I go to yard sales, I look for travel books and books about geography and different states and different countries. I may not be able to visit all these wonderful places, but I can sure read about them.

Small notebook

While traveling, keep a diary. Or if you have a laptop, knock out your day-to-day experiences…

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14 Responses to "Do you write about your travels?"

Do I write about my travels? The short answer is “Yes, indeed I do.” After our children we out of college and married, we zipped around Europe using Frequent Flier miles: the British Isles, France, Germany, Switerland, Germany. Then Czech Republic and Austria. In each case I took photos, non-digital, and wrote long-hand in a journal.

When we went to Ukraine in 2011, I wrote daily on my laptop and subsequently had a short essay published in Sonia Marsh’s Gutsy Story Contest. Here is the link: http://soniamarsh.com/2013/12/rising-above-the-pettiness-to-focus-on-the-positive-by-marian-beaman.html

In an ad promoting the state of Louisiana (AAA Magazine publication) are the choice words: “Stories are the bets souvenirs” of any travel experience and provide a chance to relieve the happy events and the things that went awry, often comical in retrospect.

Darlene, your topic is timely and in itself stirs many memories I’ll alway cherish. Thanks!

I too believe that stories (and pictures) are the best souvenirs. So glad you got to document your travels to share with others.

Enjoyed your gutsy story!

I like your comment about going to places where you already know people. My daughter and I went to Trinidad, a place where I had a teaching friend. She and her husband took us all over the island. I wrote about it here. http://georgettesullins.wordpress.com/2012/04/22/mom-now-where-are-we-going/
Love your interviews!

I enjoyed reading about your trip to Trinidad with your daughter. Like my visit to The UAE, it was good to have someone you know living there. What a special memory for you and your daughter. I took my daughter to England twice, once when she was 7 and then again when she was 14. She has never forgotten the adventures we had. Glad you enjoyed the interview.

Just ordered Amanda in Arabia, Amanda in Spain and Amanda in England for GS’s b’day coming up. Can’t wait for them to arrive.

Thanks so much. I do hope he enjoys them. I would love to hear his review. Have a great Sunday!

I haven’t traveled for a long time and enjoying the the writing because I finally get to process my adventure. Without writing about it, I know my memories will fade in no time.

Wonderful post. Fantastic timing.

You are so right. The memories will fade if you have no record of the trip. I get to enjoy the trip over and over when I read my notes and look at my pictures. I’m enjoying following you right now.

Thank you, Darlene. ❤ I'm glad I have this blog because I'll have a typed record I can r.e.a.d. +(+_+)+

I do like to write about my travels. I hope to someday write a memoir about all the places I’ve been. I need to get better about keeping a journal when I travel, though

You have been to many interesting places so I’m sure your memoir would be exciting. Journals are handy for reference later but so are pictures and you have many.

Hi Darlene, thanks for commenting on my post about Sherborne Castle. I just wanted to say there is a ruined castle next door to the ‘new’ castle, and I always think it would make a brilliant setting for an Amanda story. Sherborne itself is a lovely old market town with lots of coffee shops and historic buildings. Maybe we could meet for coffee if you ever visit. Barbara x

It does sound like a great setting for a story. I would like nothing more than to have tea/coffee with you in Sherborne the next time I’m in England. Once we have moved to Spain, it will be much easier to hop over to the UK. Cheers, Darlene

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