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Mudge Island with Friends

Posted on: April 21, 2014

Myself and my good friends, Jayne and Shannon, were recently invited to spend a weekend with my daughter and her partner on Mudge Island.  It takes two ferries and a small boat to get to her island, but it’s worth it. I’ve written about my daughter and her island previously here. It was a wonderful weekend, with much visiting, eating and wine consumption in their cosy, comfortable home.  We feasted on fresh crab caught the day before by our host, salad made with fresh greens from the garden and steamed kale (also from the garden) . Everyone brought food and we took turns making meals and snacks. We balanced the eating with long walks and fresh air. The island, green with moss at this time of the year, is great for walks and has many picturesque spots to visit. The sea lions kept us company with their barking.


Mudge Island in the spring

One walk took us to Dodd’s Narrows were we watched sea lions, all the way from California, swim past in the swirling waters, happy to fill up  on herring. Such a lovely spot to sit and take in nature.

Dodd's Narrows

Dodd’s Narrows

Dodd's Narrows

Dodd’s Narrows

Another trip took us to Link Island, a small island that can be reached at low tide, linked to Mudge.  We enjoyed collecting seashells, exploring  the island and catching some sun on the rocks. Not warm enough to sun tan yet.

Link Island

Link Island

Comet, their amiable yellow lab, loved every minute. She was happy to go for long walks and explore with us.

Comet exploring Link Island

Comet exploring Link Island


View from Link Island to Mudge

Unique rock formations on Link Island

Unique rock formations on Link Island


Enjoying the sun on Link Island

Barnsworth, the 19 year old cat, enjoys looking at himself in the mirror when he's not sleeping

Barnsworth, the 19 year old cat, enjoys looking at himself in the mirror when he’s not sleeping, which is most of the time

The outhouse, clean and comfortable

The outhouse that sits among the trees, is clean and comfortable


What is under the outhouse??

But what is under the outhouse??

Mudge buddies

Mudge buddies

Our gracious hosts

Our gracious hosts

One last drink at the Skol pub on Gabriola before catching the ferry back to reality.

One last drink at the Skol pub on Gabriola Island before catching the ferry back to reality.

Yet another fabulous get-away. I’ve been having the best spring haven’t I? Soon I’m off to Taos, New Mexico to spend time with a special aunt. I’ll report back later.

28 Responses to "Mudge Island with Friends"

You certainly are having the best Spring Darlene. I’m very envious of this trip, what a wonderful place and lovely company.

We are all so busy working and living in the city and seldom have quality time to spend together. This weekend I was able to see my daughter and spend time with my friends in a peaceful setting. Much needed. (I’m pleased my daughter likes my friends).

Oh wow, I love Mudge Island and the hosts, my kind of hideaway. So pleased to hear you had a wonderful time with your friends, Darlene. Loved the photos.

Thanks Diane. Happy you enjoyed the photos. You would love it there!

I think I could sit on that bench at Dodd’s Narrows for quite a while and be still. What a wonderful place to get away plus you get to spend time with daughter.

That is a perfect spot to be still and contemplate life. I’m fortunate that my daughter lives in such a peaceful place.

I love Gabriola Island. We went there when we ,ived on Vancouver Island!

Gabriola Island is a very nice place. My daughter’s island, Mudge, is a five minute boat ride across False Narrows. How long ago did you live on Vancouver Island?

We almost overlapped. I moved to the west coast from Alberta in 1989. Too bad we didn’t know each other then. XO

You are lucky to have access to Marcelle’s ‘exclusive resort-like’ property. Barnsworth is looking well for his age.

I am most fortunate to have a place to go and chill out whenever I want without having to buy vacation property myself. Barnsworth is doing very well these days.

Mudge Island looks a great getaway Darlene!

It’s the perfect get-away, although not easy to get to. The bonus is I get to spend time with my daughter.

Love everything about this – beginning with the name – Mudge Island. Looks like a pretty idyllic place to live (and visit)!

It’s a bit primitive and secluded for me but my daughter loves it and it’s a great place to visit! It works well for her as she is very creative and makes pottery for a living..

I hope you didn’t find out what was under the outhouse! 🙂

It was scary going out there in the middle of the night! My daughter assured me the green hand was (h)armless.

It looks like a wonderful time with friends, in an interesting place Darlene. Weekends don’t get better than that. I hope there were a few cozy fires and glasses of wine involved. ~Jmaes

Oh yes, lovely warm fires and plenty of wine. It is exactly what the doctor ordered! Thanks James.

Looks like a great time. And my cat loves to look in the mirror as well. He’s 12 and doesn’t sleep as much yet. Loved seeing all the photos. Odd name for such a beautiful place.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. The island is named for William Fitzwilliam Mudge, an officer on a ship who’s captain surveyed and named many of the islands in the area in 1859. My daughter calls herself, The Mad Mudslinger, since she is a potter on Mudge Island.

It looks like you had a grand weekend! Maybe one day Mudge Island will make it into one of your stories! Love the photos. 🙂

Thanks Laura. I’m sure Mudge Island will show up in a book one day.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful adventure Darlene – great pictures!

So pleased you enjoyed this adventure Megan!

Every author needs a hideaway. How fortunate to have found one with friends.

Thanks Marian. I’m also fortunate my daughter owns this perfect hideaway!

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