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The English Inn

Posted on: April 14, 2014

The minute we arrived at the English Inn, we felt like we were in England, without spending 9 hours on a transatlantic flight. The splendid manor house, the spacious well kept grounds, including a replica of an Elizabethan street and the cosy, charming rooms made this place a perfect get-away.

The English Inn, Victoria, BC

The English Inn, Victoria, BC

Inviting front entrance

Inviting front entrance

Elizabethan street

The Elizabethan street takes you to another place and time

The manor house comes with an interesting history. It was built in 1906 for a Yorkshire-born realtor and developer who brought over artisans from England and Scotland to work on the project.  Walking around the building, we noticed many fine details. Imagine the amazing parties that were held here over the years. Oh the stories these walls could tell.



The knowledgeable staff were very friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. After a restful sleep in a most comfortable bed, we woke up to the aroma of fresh baked croissants wafting through the building. The complimentary breakfast, served in a bright room overlooking the patio and gardens, included these melt-in-your-mouth croissants. 

View from our bedroom on the third floor early in the morning

View from our 3rd floor bedroom early in the morning

bathroom door

Unique bathroom door

Stairway to our room

Stairway to our room

We enjoyed a number of walks  around the tranquil 5 acre property, discovering something new and unique at every turn. We visited in March so the gardens were just waking up from winter but were still very lovely. I can only imagine how fabulous they are in the summer.

Charming gazebo, perfect for weddiings

Charming gazebo, perfect for weddings

Quaint birdbaths are scattered around the gardens

Quaint birdbaths scattered throughout the gardens

A fountain straight from an English  novel.

A fountain straight from an English novel.

An interesting sign found in the Elizabethan street

An interesting sign found in a shop window on the Elizabethan street

There is plenty of places to wander, sit and read (or write) a book, paint a picture or just day dream in this fairytale-like environment. Should you wish to visit down town Victoria or the inner harbour, both are just minutes away. The lobby is bright and cheerful with a pleasant lounge to enjoy a drink and a fireplace where we shared a pot of tea before retiring.

I highly recommend this place, especially if you need a break from the modern, busy lifestyle many of us lead. It was perfect for a girlfriend get-away and would  be an ideal location for a wedding, family reunion or special event.

A perfect girlfriend get-away

A perfect place for a girlfriend get-away


Visit the website http://www.englishinn.ca/

English Inn is located at 429 Lampson Street 
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada V9A5Y9
Central Reservations: 1.866.388.4353
Direct Line or to reach a guest: 1.250.388.4353
Fax: 1.250.382.8311
Email: res@englishinn.ca

24 Responses to "The English Inn"

How lovely, I could really do with a few days there. Had I not read your words, I could have believed the photographs were taken in England. Thank you for sharing this Darlene.

It has all the flavour and charm of an English country house to be sure. I’m so happy we discovered it.

There seems to be lots to explore. Delightful pictures. What a wonderful place to go if you aren’t lost in a book at the moment…or perhaps it’s the perfect place to go to get lost in a book. Either way.

Thanks Georgette! You are so right. There was even a book exchange on the first landing with cosy chairs to snuggle up on if the weather should be inclement. It is also a perfect place to become inspired with writing ideas.

You promised more and it was worth the wait. What a lovely place. If we head back to Victoria I will suggest this place to Mr. Diamond!!! Thanks for sharing all the info.

I do hope you get back to Victoria. You and Mr. Diamond would love this place.

What a great birthday getaway with a girlfriend. Such a beautiful manor. I bet you could hear what the walls were saying about the past. Fun to imagine.

Thanks Patricia. My imagination did run wild. WE had such lovely weather too which was a bonus.

Ah, this brings back fond memories. Gorgeous place! I visited Vancouver and Victoria many years ago with a friend of mine and we had a wonderful time. I assume you also enjoyed some “high tea” while you were there.

It is a fabulous place to visit and I’m fortunate it is only a one and a half hour ferry ride away for me. (Even so I don’t get there often) We didn’t have high tea this time but we have before and it was so ‘British’.

What a lovely place, and five acres to roam, too!

It was so lovely, a bit of the country within a city. There were other interesting buildings including a thatched roof cottage (under repair so I don’t have pictures)

WOW! That place is amazing! 🙂

It was very storybook like. You would love it!

Yes, a perfect venue for a girlfriend get-away. Where to next?

I’m sure we’ll think of something. We always do! Thanks for coming up with the idea for the English Inn. Perhaps we will meet in Vulcan this summer.

What a beautiful spot! If I’m ever in Victoria again, I’d love to be able to see that.

What a place. I’d love to stay there for a week to write and read and paint. Love English villages though I haven’t been to one yet. I’m trying to picture melt-in-our-mouth croissants now!

This is the perfect place for creative types like us. History, tranquillity and nature. The perfect recipe for inspiration. Also the fabulous croissants!

We loved Victoria and the English-ness of the setting. I’d love to return and stay at the Inn you pictured: Great publicity for English Inn, I’d say. I wonder if you like British drama too. We are devotees of the genre: Monarch of the Glen, Ballykissangel, Downton Abbey, and now Call the Midlife.

We love British drama. We are huge fans of Downton Abbey, Heartbeat, Mr. Selfridge, Lewis, Midsommer Murders and many more. It is actually the only TV I watch. I hope you get a chance to visit the English Inn someday. You’ll feel like you are in a British drama.

Does the inn have dart board? I was fairly deadly years back.

I didn’t see one but it would be the perfect setting for a dart board. I never mastered the game of darts and always felt it could be dangerous. (for others if I had a dart in my hand!)

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