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High River Update, Inspiring Hope & a Clever Cat

Posted on: March 25, 2014

A wonderful blogging friend of mine, Debra Eve, has a great blog called Late Bloomer.  I met Debra when we were both guest authors on Gary Doi’s blog, A Hopeful Sign. Recently she posted a moving story about High River, Alberta; a town damaged by the terrible floods last summer.

Debra also has some stories in a recently published book complied by Gary Doi, Inspiring Hope One Story at a Time,  All net proceeds from Inspiring Hope will be donated to the Asturias Academy Library in Xela, Guatemala—a private, non-profit Pre K-12 school dedicated to helping the most vulnerable students in the community.

Inspiring Hope One Story at at Time at LaterBloomer.com

Please hop on over to her blog and read about the town, the book and an update on Momo the amazing cat.


I love my copy of Inspiring Hope and everyone loves Momo!


13 Responses to "High River Update, Inspiring Hope & a Clever Cat"

Sounds good. Great cover!

The cover is perfect as it reflects the message of hope.

Love the cover! Checked the book out and saw that it is a collection of stories about hope. Sounds Inspiring!

I finished Amanda in Arabia last week and loved every moment. Want to give a copy to my great granddaughter, but she’s not quite mature enough to read it on her own. But will in time. You have a good thing going and many places to explore for Amanda’s journeys.

The book is very inspiring. So pleased you enjoyed Amanda in Arabia. Perhaps you will read it to your great granddaughter one day. How old is she? I have a 6 year old and a 4 year old great granddaughter. They are so precious.

Wonderful title, cover and mission! It’s amazing how much good can be done for just a few pennies and dollars at a time,

Thanks for the shout-out, Darlene! So happy we connected through Gary. I think of Momo every time I see my big old Maine Coon named Leto, who looks like Momo’s brother. 🙂

You have a Maine Con cat! I love them and put one in my book Amanda in England-The Missing Novel. His name is Rupert and he lives in a book store..Leto is a great name as well. I’m glad we met through Gary as well..

The cover is most appealing. 🙂

The cover is a big hit.

Because it’s a.p.p.e.a.l.i.n.g.! 😀

Nice! I like the cover a lot! 🙂

If you get a chance, you might want to check out Momo the Maine Coon cat.

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