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Book Review with Grandson

Posted on: February 15, 2014

Jesse - Darlene Foster

GS 2 and I have reviewed a book together and are featured on Mother Daughter Book Reviews blogsite today.


Check out what he said and what I said about the book Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

Among the Hidden

This was a fun project to do together, even though we live in different provinces.

Let us know what you think of our review.

21 Responses to "Book Review with Grandson"

I very much enjoyed both your book reviews and they make me want to read the book–even though I am a LOT older than 13!

You can be 13 forever Christa!! I think you will enjoy it. I did and I am not overly fond of dystopia,

Intriguing story. Both GS2 and you have given a good review that lets the readers know what they’re in for. I agree, with GS2. I too, would not be able to understand why the family could not grow vegetables. I will have to read the book to figure that out.

Thanks Georgette. So pleased you liked the reviews. You might enjoy reading it with your Grandson at some time.

It’s wonderful to have young people reviewing books. I like the bit about not being afraid of trying new things. Would and adult enjoy it too? It sounds like it.

Its good to know young people still enjoy reading books. Yes, an adult would enjoy this book (and the series) just as adults enjoyed Harry Potter and The Hunger Games to name a few.

Thank you, Darlene. I’ll put it on my list to read.

Will head over to see what it is all about. Great idea!

Read your interviews — I’m glad your grandson was interested in reviewing a book with you. He did an excellent job. I like Magaret Peterson Haddix’s books. This one sounds very interesting, especially there was a time in China when couples were limited to one child. So their is realism in her story.

I thought that very same thing as I read the book, that this has actually happened in our lifetime if not in our country. It is a book that makes one stop and think. Jesse did do an excellent job of reviewing the book. (I’m not just saying that because he’s my GS)

Very well done reviews, Darlene – and grandson. 🙂
I think that is a book I would enjoy reading. I tend to lean to that age group, although I, too, am way past those years. Maybe that’s where I should be putting my writing focus. hmm

Thanks Lynn. You would enjoy the book. Perhaps you should write for the ‘tweens”, you might find it very rewarding. It is a wonderful age group. I also meet many adults who read ‘tween’ books.

Thanks so much to both you and Jesse, Darlene. You both did a great job and I loved your recommendation – I will definitely have to check out the series. xx

Thanks Renee for having us as guest bloggers and for supporting me and my books. keep up the good work of bringing quality books to the attention of your readers.

Excellent reviews, thank you both.

Thanks Barbara! Hope all is well in the UK and you are safe and dry.

Nice collaborative effort. Grandchildren are rewarding in many ways.

Thanks Sheila. I love when we can do things together even though we don’t live near each other.

What a GREAT idea! Oh, how I’d love to write a book review with my son, even though he’s now out of college and a dad. First, I’d have to get him to read the same kind of books I do! 🙂

It was fun. Perhaps you can review a picture book with your grandchild someday. My son and I don’t read the same books either but his kids do!

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