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A Visit to My Daughter’s Island

Posted on: January 7, 2014


I have written about my wonderful potter daughter here before. She doesn’t live very far from me but since her home is on a small gulf island, it requires  two ferries and a boat to get to her place. Total driving, waiting and sailing time is about 5 hours one way. I don’t get to visit her often but when I do it is always worth it. This recent weekend between Christmas and New Year I made the trip and had so much fun. It’s always an adventure but once there, it is so relaxing, away from the constant busyness of my life. She always makes sure I am well fed and comfortable. I’m not allowed to lift a finger. Here are a few pictures of the weekend.

Daughter with 18 year old grandcat Barnsworth

Daughter with 18 year old grandcat Barnsworth

Cookbook Christmas gift that matches her kitchen

Cookbook Christmas gift that matches her kitchen

Daughter at home on her island

Daughter at home on her island

Pottery studio

The pottery studio where she creates


Pottery from recent firing

Pottery from recent firing

Awesome pottery

More awesome pottery

I am so lucky, my daughter has created a safe haven for me to escape to any time.  Spending time with her is always a treat. Great conversations, time to reflect and lots of love.

A walk on her property

Going for a walk on her property

Where do you go to escape?

54 Responses to "A Visit to My Daughter’s Island"

Your daughter’s place looks and sounds so relaxing – a fabulous place to “get away from it all” and chill out! A special place to have one-on-one time with your daughter.

Thanks Barb. It is a perfect place for us to visit. How is your Paul doing?

He’s doing a lot better now Darlene, but will be a while before he’s back to what he was. December was a nightmare month for me – lost my mother Christmas Day; I couldn’t get over to the UK for the funeral as Paul not well enough to be left on his own. 2014 HAS to be better!

I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your mother. 2014 will be a better year for sure. Sending hugs your way.

What a wonderful place! It must have been so much fun!

You would love it there. It is so peaceful. I should make it a writing retreat.

It would be perfect for a writing retreat!

This gave me a lump in my throat – you’re blessed to have a daughter so talented and so close! I love her work! My place of escape is my small, cluttered little home office. I have photos of my children and friends, pictures I like, the kids’ art work, over my desk – my wall of fame.

I am blessed its true. Having your kids artwork around you and their pictures must be reassuring and inspirational. Once a mom, always a mom. Thanks for the visit.

I agree with Ladyelogos lump. My retreat at the moment is the beach. Any beach. Your daughter’s forest is mythic. Her work too, I think. What a lovely connection you have. Your photos show that.

Her work is inspired by the nature she lives in. She bought that property when she was 21 (she’s 39 now) I guess she knew she needed to be there. I am very proud of her.

wow, what a beautiful place, Darlene. How wonderful to be able to spend time with your family there. We have many inlets like the one you show and I always love getting away from the city life to relax and dream.
Thank you so much for sharing.

It is a beautiful place with fabulous views. It is a small island with only about 100 people living on it (not all full time) There are no amenities but only a 10 minute row boat ride to a larger island with stores, post office etc. It truly is getting away from it all!

I would love to read more about why your daughter has chosen to live in such a remote, beautiful place. When I look at the photos, I think, “heaven”! but then I worry about being lonely and isolated. But perhaps a true artist is never alone, if she has her art? (whether writing, pottery, painting, etc.). So nice to visit you here.

Thanks for stopping by. As an artist she needs the solitude. She does have very nice neighbours and everyone helps each other out in these places. I love to visit but couldn’t handle living there full time. It is heaven, but also hard work. Its perfect for her.

I’d say that Marcelle is living the dream!

It wouldn’t be everyone’s dream, but she is living her dream and I’m so happy for her.

You have a very talented daughter and she’s so lucky to live in such a beautiful place!

She is very talented and has planned her life out well. It hasn’t always been easy but it has been worth it.

Is life ever easy for anyone?

This is true. It makes it better if it’s what you truly want to do.

Whoa. I like secluded-ish property. That’s why we live in the middle of the woods. 🙂

You would love my daughter’s place Erik. I think the two of you would get on very well.

It’s wonderful to meet a young person who has the courage to live her dreams. Very uplifting for all of us!

She is living her dreams and I am so proud of her.

What a wonderful place and what fun you must have had with your daughter. Happy New Year

I so love this place, a great opportunity for me to unwind from time to time.

What a wonderful retreat for you when you need it. It sounds like your daughter has an adventurous spirit and loves the solitude of creating. I loved the photos. She looks like you.

Thanks Patricia. That is a very nice compliment. She is indeed a free spirit.

Beautiful visit to a beautiful island. Nothing like mother daughter time, is there?

Mother daughter time is the best and even more special as it is in such a beautiful setting. (no distractions)

I wonder if she has had Barnsworth since she moved to the island? You are so fortunate to have a very good reason to escape to and to spend that time with her. The trip there must prepare you for the solitude.

She has had Barnsworth since he was a wee baby (his mommy died giving birth) He was about one when she moved to the island. Obviously island living has been good for him.

I love that you shared these photos with us and showed us how your daughter pampers you – how wonderful! See, it was worth it (whether you thought so or not at the time ha ha ha).


Not that I ever felt that way about my own daughter!

LOL I think we both feel the same way. But there were times during the teenage years…..

Yep. . . there were times when you wondered if a jury would believe it was justifiable homicide!

Did I ever tell you the joke of when my daughter graduated college? They started the music, the kids started walking in and we were so proud. Then my husband turns around and says, just think – no one went to jail. We couldn’t stop laughing!! I mean, we were gasping for air type laughing. My Mom is next to me going “that’s not funny” and we’re going oh yes, it is. Of course, we didn’t tell it to our daughter for about another 5 years. She didn’t think it was too funny either.

That is a very funny story . Thanks for sharing. (Perhaps our parents could have said the same.)

What a beautiful place! And I love the name ‘Mad Mud Slinger’ very catchy. I am glad you got to get away and relax.

She was very creative in naming her pottery business. The island is called Mudge Island so it all fits.

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures, Darlene. I love the collection of cast iron frying pans hanging on the wall. I have three of various sizes. They are my favourite pans for cooking. Also, I love the doorless cupboards. I grew up with no cupboard doors, and now that we have doors, I find them a nuisance. 🙂

PS: I think I own that same Christmas tea cup.

I have often felt that you and my daughter had much in common and now this proves it! Thanks for picking up on the little things that make her island home so comfortable.

What a beautiful and serene place to call home! She is a very talented young lady!

Thanks. She is very talented and has a perfect place for a home. (And I get to visit there whenever I want)

I feel refreshed after reading that, thank you. What a great looking place to live and work, I’m sure her beautiful surroundings inspire her creativity. Does she sell her pottery on the island, or elsewhere?

I’m pleased you enjoyed the post. She sells her pottery on larger islands and on the mainland as well. Her surroundings do inspire her.

What a wonderful place! And I love her pottery.

You would love it there TB. Her pottery is exquisite. She has worked hard to hone her craft.

what an interesting life the two of you have. Loved to drop in on your life. We had a Chinese supper with Donna A (nee J) and Donna Meher to celebrate Donnas recent freedome and HER house. This is under Eds name but I just came on this site for the first time. I enjoyed my read. Linda Gertner

How wonderful to see you here Linda. Glad you enjoyed the blog. Donna said she had a great time seeing everyone again in November. Will be nice to keep in touch.

She does look quite content there. That grand-kitty is big, reminds me of one I saw at our vet’s office once. I never knew they came in that size, the ones we had were much smaller. Glad you got to spend the weekend away, with your daughter.

Thanks Patti. It suits her to a T. Barnsworth is a big boy but not as big as he was. He has lost some weight in his old age. He’s still as loveable as ever.

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