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Celebrating Mom’s 85th

Posted on: December 9, 2013

My mom was born December 25th, 1928. Yes, she was a Christmas baby. When we were growing up, Dad  made sure we celebrated her birthday as well as Christmas that day. There would always be a Christmas gift under the tree for mom and a separate birthday gift. We always had a cake and candles included in all the festivities. When I learned to bake, I would secretly make her a cake myself and bring it out of hiding at one point to surprise her.  It’s true she worked hard preparing a traditional Christmas meal and ensuring our Christmas was perfect, but she was always made to feel special on her day. She tells me she never felt cheated by having a Christmas birthday and no one ever forgot her birthday!

This year, since it was a milestone year, we made her party a month early so that all of us could be there. She still lives in Medicine Hat, Alberta, the community she has lived in all her life. One brother drove down from Edmonton, days before flying out to Thailand where he lives for part of the year. My other brother came from Calgary, and my husband and I flew in from Vancouver. We rented a party room in the retirement home she now resides in and posted an announcement in the local paper. It was a wonderful event as over 100 friends and relatives dropped in to wish her a Happy Birthday. Her sister from Arizona made the trip as well. Mom  glowed with happiness.


Mom with her kids

Mom with her kids

Mom with her remaining sibblings

Mom with her brother and sisters

It was a lot of work, especially organizing it long distance, but I’m so glad we did it. Everyone pitched in and helped of course. When we took mom up to her room after the party she looked through the guest book and all her cards and commented that she never knew she had so many friends. My beautiful mom is so well loved and we are blessed to have her.

She will still get calls on Christmas day from near and far as we never forget our Christmas Mom!

39 Responses to "Celebrating Mom’s 85th"

Lots of smiles! Happy Birthday to your mom!

Thanks! It was a very happy day for everyone.

Your mom is blessed to have so many well-wishers drop by for her 85th birthday celebration. She has lived her life well.

Thanks Sheila. Mom has lived her life well. I should have mentioned she had 5 generations at her party.

Yay! Our birthdays are 1 day apart (I’m a Christmas Eve baby 🙂 )! Happy B-Day to her! 😀

Thanks Erik. Mom has a great grandson your age. (but he is not a Christmas eve baby) My mom and you are special to have Christmas birthdays.

What a wonderful celebration and she and all of you look so happy! Well done!

Thanks Christa. We were all very happy.

What a happy celebration! Your mom is very pretty too. 🙂

Thanks Meg. I will tell her and she will be pleased.

Love stories like this. What a happy time!

It was a happy time and so nice for all of us to be together. It doesn’t happen very often any more.

85? Your mom looks amazing for her age! So lovely that you could all be there to celebrate with her, and that cake looks superb. Here’s to many happy returns. 🙂

Mom does look great. I will pass the message on to her. Thanks!

Darlene, our mothers were born in the same year on opposite sides of the country. Mom was born in January in Newfoundland. We did the same for her this year, rented the party room at the local seniors centre she often visits. Mom lives in the home Dad built in the 1960s with two of my brothers.

It is wonderful to be able to bring good cheer to the ladies of 85. Your mom looks as happy as mine did for her party.

Thanks for sharing.

Forgot to say: Your mother looks wonderful for 85. She must be doing something right.

I will tell her you said that. It is cool that both our moms were born in the same year. it is nice to celebrate these milestone years.

How precious for your mom Darlene, she looks incredible.
blessings ~ maxi

Thanks Maxi. She will be pleased to hear all these nice compliments

If I could take roll call, it looks like everyone was there! Love the resemblance in each smile. Happy Birthday to your mother.

Thanks Georgette. All but the two granddaughters were there. The family smile is there isn’t it.

What a lovely blog entry! Your mum is truly blessed to have such a wonderful family and caring friends. I hope you all had a great time and that her real birthday will be very special again. She looks great at 85!

Thanks for your kind words. I will pass the message on to mom. Our family truly is blessed.

How wonderful for your mother–85! She doesn’t look it, though.

Although mom worked hard on the farm, she always looked after herself. She does look good for 85. A good attitude helps too. Thanks.

Attitude is everything–or so I’ve heard. My granddaughter asked if the next Amanda book is available when I requested her Christmas list. 🙂

How sweet of your granddaughter. The next book will be out early next year, all being well. Give her a hug from me.

Hello Darlene, what a lovely day! Your mum must have felt so special, and so she should! Thank you for sharing such a joyful day with us. Barbara x

Thanks Barbara. So pleased you enjoyed the post.

This is beautiful, Darlene! You’re lucky (like me) to have such a beautiful family and a day to spend with them! Your mom must have been pleased! 🙂

Those of us with large, close families are indeed lucky. Mom was very pleased.

What a wonderful story, Darlene. Happy 85th birthday to your mom! You have her smile. 🙂

Thanks so much Laura. Mom is one of your fans too.

Awwww, that’s SO sweet. 🙂

Happy birthday to your mum! Glad it was a success and she looks beautiful.

Thanks TB. She is a beautiful person inside and out.

Hello Darlene, thank you for your Christmas wishes. I hope whatever you do this Christmas brings you much happiness. Barbara xx

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