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Mermaids & Pirates

Posted on: November 6, 2013


I discovered this whimsical mermaid on Gabriola Island. She was welcoming visitors to Starfish Soaps, a  place where you can find luxurious soaps or bath products made only of natural products. I bought a lovely bar of  lemongrass with activated charcoal and carrot. It smells so good. Soaps come with a starfish motive or even in the shape of a mermaid.


This welcoming mermaid made me think of a blogging friend, Patti, over at A New Day Dawns . She seems to find mermaids everywhere in her community. You might want to visit her site and check them out. Here is s sample.


Photograph by Patti at A New Day Dawns

Patti’s posts are always entertaining. She also shares many photos of birds and other wild life that visit her property. http://pattisjarrett.wordpress.com/

We had a fun Halloween at our office last week.  Since we are Employment Counsellors working at an Employment Service Centre, we dressed in various modes of work. Here I am as a precarious pirate along with some of my clever colleagues.  For the new immigrants who use our centre, it was their first Hallowen experience and they loved it.




Life can often be serious business, especially when looking for work. It is good to have fun from time to time.

What do you do to lighten things up at work or at home?

28 Responses to "Mermaids & Pirates"

Thanks for the mention, Darlene. 🙂 I like the colorful mermaid you found, and I love your pirate costume! What fun!

Thanks Patti. I thought of you the minute I saw that mermaid.

The mermaids look wonderful, and I’d have loved to visit that soap shop to pick up a few bars. There’s a shop in Prince Edward Island — the Great Canadian Soap Company (http://www.greatcanadiansoap.com) — and they have dozens of varieties of soap. Each time time we visit the island we go there. Theirs is made from goat’s milk, and the visitors can see and pet the goats.

I have goat’s milk from our own goats in the freezer, so this winter when things slow down, I’ll make my first batch.

How do we lighten things up when they get too heavy? Talk about goats and their antics. A good goat story always gets people smiling.

Good luck with your first batch of homemade soap. I love a good goat story.

You sure get around, Darlene. And your costume, so original.
blessings ~ maxi

I made that costume a while ago, my hubby has a matching one. I just updated it a bit and it worked. I had fun being a pirate for a day. (I was a good pirate BTW)

Great costume from head to toe!
What fun that you spotted this mermaid and went away with some sweet smelling soap. Lemongrass sounds so “citrusy” and natural and with. charcoal and carrot…sounds like a secret recipe.

Glad you liked my costume!

Love the article and of course the costume. Looks like you delved into our old dress up box from when we were kids. Always knew it would come in handy again someday. We have goats and make soap also. In fact I was thinking of making another batch today. Lemon grass is my favorite.

We sure did have fun with the dress up box didn’t we. I still love to dres up and be another character for a day. I made these costumes (Paul has one too) a long time ago. It still comes in handy. (Everyone behaved in class that dya too for some reason. Was it the sword?)

Nothing like having fun at work! After all, we spend most of our time there!!!

We do spend more time at work than at home, so it should be fun.

Kids can be counted on to lighten things up. They can help put things into perspective. I am grateful to have four little ones in my life.

Yes, kids always make the world a fun place. I love the ones in my life too. If there are no kids around, you can always be a kid yourself. As you can see, I have no problem being a kid!

I like your eye-patch and the fairy’s bag. 🙂

That soap sounds intriguing and I like the sign. Also love your pirate outfit, especially the necklace of bones. 🙂

Glad you like my outfit Lorna. One always needs the right accessories!

A warm bath with one of those lovely soaps would certainly make a day enjoyable.

Thanks for stopping by my blog Karen. My Friday night ritual is a warm bath with a lovely soap and a good book. It takes away all the week’s stress.

You make the cutest pirate, Darlene 😉

Thanks Lada. Great to have you back!

Great to be back 🙂

Oooh, love the mermaids! The soap sounds luxurious. You are doing wonderful things for these folks. Being unemployed is one of the hardest things that people go through.
Have you ever thought about adding this blog address to your profile? For the longest time I didn’t know you had one. Your profile only led to your Amanda in Spain book blog, which had not had updates for a long time. Glad I finally clicked on enough things on your Amanda site to finally find your web page that had a link to your personal blog. 🙂

Thanks for mentioning this. I thought it was on my profile. Not many would take the time to find my blog like you did. I will see what i can do to fix it. Glad you liked the Mermaids..

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