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Teapots and A Good Cause

Posted on: November 3, 2013


When I went on the Gabriola Island Studio Tour last month with my daughter, I came across a wonderful teapot at the home of photographer Victor Anthony and his wife, author Joelle Anthony. They gave me permission to photograph it.  A perfect teapot for writers and readers!

Joelle then brought out a teapot that had been in her family for many years. Isn’t it elegant?


We were invited out to friends for a Thanksgiving dinner, and I was delighted when the hostess served tea in this adorable teapot.

2013-10-13 17.27.38

I love unique teapots and have a small collection myself. A blogging buddy of mine, Beth Ann Chiles, has the most incredible collection of teapots you have ever seen. She has a feature on her blog called Teapot Tuesday and I can never wait to see what she will feature next. You must check it out. She also features Comments for a Cause. Everytime someone makes a comment on her blog, she donates fifty cents to her cause of the month. So please leave a comment when you visit. Read about this moth’s wonderful cause here:  http://bethannchiles.com/2013/11/01/who-doesnt-love-children/

Do you enjoy unique teapots? Perhaps you have a favourite you would like to share.

27 Responses to "Teapots and A Good Cause"

Aw—thanks so much for the shout out, Darlene!! That made me smile!!! And since I have that top teapot you know it is a favorite of mine, too!!! I love the cat one at the bottom!! That one is seriously cute and I would have a hard time resisting a cup of tea poured out of that one!!!

You are so welcome Beth Ann. I thought I had seen that top teapot before!

I’m not a huge tea drinker (a coffee addict!), but I have a white ginger-jar-shaped teapot that I use whenever I need to make a pot. There is one other teapot in our house, but it’s never used because the spout is cracked. It was given to me by my grandmother before I was married… Royal Albert’s yellow tea rose pattern… so it’s a sentimental treasure. 🙂

I love teapots that have been handed down. How special to have one of your grandmother’s.

I love teapots and the good teas to be found inside the pots.

I love sharing a pot of tea with a good friend like you. This must mean you are back from your travels.

I had some teapots on my old blog keeporpitch.wordpress.com

I will check out your teapots Ruth.

Hi Darlene – I enjoyed reading this – I know I have a fondness for tea and teapots are something I also love to see (and collected a few too). In 2006 I organized a special tea party in our community to raise funds for Gaby Davis. There is now a special foundation Called the Gaby Davis Foundation created in her memory – so next time you have a drink of tea do think of this lovely angel and my former neighbour here in RiverSprings. The monies raised helps children and families dealing with childhood cancer.

Thanks for stopping by Jayne. I remember the special fund raising teaparty you organized. I alos enjoy sharing a pot of tea with you from time to time.

The imagination that goes into the creation of teapots never ceases to amaze me: they’re all wonderful.

It is amazing the thought that goes into creating unique teapots. Although I have some nice ones in my small collection, we use our Brown Betty for our everyday tea.

I rarely drink tea and don’t own one anymore. But, I do admire beautiful teapots. I loved all the unique ones I saw in England.

England is the place to see an assortment of teapots. They are fun to look at whether you drink tea or not.

I like the cat one. It’s funny. But I LOVE the literature one! 😆

I think it would be fun to have tea from the literature teapot!

Hello Darlene, I love a pretty teapot and a nice cup of tea. I’ve just visited Beth Ann’s blog, thank you for the link. I love the idea of making a donation for each comment received, what a worthwhile thing to do. Barbara.

Thanks Barbara. It was my British husband who got me hooked on tea. I like it so much better made in a nice pot than in a cup. You’re right, Beth Ann has a heart of gold.

Drinking tea must be a European custom, not just British. My father, a Dutchman raised in Mexico, and my cousin’s wife from Spain always serve up tea. My cousin’s wife has quite a collection and my dad was partial to pewter ones that he thought kept the tea warm longer. Love these very special ones.

I believe it is a very European custom. Pewter teapots do keep the tea warm longer and are very attractive. My friend has a pewter teapot from Turkey which I love. My British husband believes everything can be fixed over a pot of tea,

I love teapots, and would love to start collecting them. Right now I don’t have any — looking at these, I have no idea how I’ve managed to get by without out one up till now!

Its time for you to buy a teapot my friend. Tea always tastes better when made in a teapot. Be carefull, once you start collecting them, you may not be able to stop!

Perhaps a Christmas present for myself is in order. I stand warned! 😉

Love teapots!

I thought you would. Thanks for tweeting.

The books for a knob is just too cute!

I know. perfect for book lovers.

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