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Writing Workshop for Future Authors

Posted on: October 22, 2013

I was invited to present a workshop at the Junior Author’s Writing Conference  this past weekend. The conference was  well-organized by the amazing Laura Thomas (Read my blog about her here) Over 70 aspiring authors from ages 9 to 18 attended,  all eager to learn more about writing. I had a wonderful time presenting a description workshop called “Writing More Than You See”


This was the blurb on the agenda:

Writing More Than You See with Darlene Foster, Author

This workshop is about setting and how pictures can be used to write a scene. The importance of using more than the sense of sight to describe setting will be explored. Participants will practice descriptive writing by observing a picture of a place and describing it using more than one sense.  This will be a fun, interactive workshop with an opportunity to share writing with other participants and learn from each other.

It was indeed fun. The participants seemed to enjoy the hands-on writing practice and got right into it. Some shared what they wrote and I was amazed at what they created in such a short time. They are serious writers of the future.




It was so wonderful to be in a room full of young people working toward their dream of becoming writers. The creative energy was contagious. I wish them all the best in their writing endeavours. Thank you Laura for organizing this event and for inviting me to be part of it.

21 Responses to "Writing Workshop for Future Authors"

Good check list to remember — use more than one or all the senses. What an honor to teach them and share what you know.

They were such willing and eager students. It was indeed an honour,

How wonderful for those in attendance!!!! Good for you!

It is what I most love to do Beth.

It’s great to see all the youngsters interested in writing, Darlene.

It is good to know that young people are still interested in writing (and reading)

How lucky the students were to have you lead their workshop. There is a lot of talent out there among the young people.

Thanks Patricia. It was refreshing to see all that talent.

Well done, Darlene. Great to teach and great to be taught by you!

Thanks so much. It is fun to teach, especially to those who want to learn.

I wish I’d been to something like that in my youth, it sounds great!

Me too. I would have loved a conference like that as a child. Laura did a great job putting it together.

Lucky students! What a wonderful opportunity for them, Darlene. Can you imagine how special that would have been for us to take a workshop from a published author when we were growing up?

I would have been over the moon. Some of the participants came up to me after and had me sign their notebook. I still don’t see myself as a celebrity but I do hope I inspired at least a few of them.

I would’ve loved to have been there! 😀

I thought about you and how much you would have enjoyed being at the conference. Perhaps there will be one in your area some day.

Lucky students! I would’ve loved to have been there too! How I wish I had met someone like you when I was young.

Thanks! There weren’t things like this when we were kids. I’m glad young aspiring writers have more opportunities to attend events like this and I was delighted to be part of it.

Thank for sharing .

Thanks for stopping by!

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