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Visiting Artists with an Artist Daughter

Posted on: October 16, 2013

Float plane that took me to see my daughter

Float plane that took me to see my daughter

I spent a fabulous day with my daughter this Thanksgiving weekend. I caught a float plane from Vancouver and twenty minutes later landed on Gabriola Island. This is a trip that usually takes me over four hours by car and two ferries. My daughter picked me up and took me to visit some of the artists participating in the annual Gabriola Studio Tour. I was happy with the choices as each artist had something unique to show. Here is a sampling.

We were always made to feel welcome every place we visited.

We were always made to feel welcome every place we visited.

We stopped in to chat with Dianna Bonder, an award-winning children’s author and illustrator. Her whimsical paintings and myriad of published books were enjoyable to look at.  A couple of little people will be getting her books for Christmas.



A visit to Joy Olsen’s studio was another treat. Joy creates fun, nature inspired sculptural ceramics. Another perfect Christmas gift was purchased before we left.



A visit to Ted Johnson’s Delfin Designs studio brought out the child in us. HIs wonderful woodwork and trees with doors in them are delightful.


We visited many other talented artists as well, although it was impossible to visit all 41 studios on the tour. It was so great to spend time with my potter daughter, and her community of artist friends and acquaintances.  I was also treated to a wonderful lunch at Mad Rona’s coffee bar. It was hard to choose but eventually, I decided on a Kiwi Panini which consisted of Albacore tuna, feta cheese, and a roasted garlic/artichoke spread. So yummy!

It was a perfect day. The sun shone, the trees on the island were dressed in glorious fall colours, I met very interesting people and most of all I got to spend time with my sweetie. As I flew back home later that evening, I felt extremely thankful for the day, my family and my life.

I hope you had a thankful weekend as well.

I have blogged about my potter daughter here before:


29 Responses to "Visiting Artists with an Artist Daughter"

All the work here is just so incredible. Lucky you.
blessings ~ maxi

And that was just a few places we visited. I am lucky indeed!

Such a simple yet creative title A. B. Sea. Love it!
Sounds like a wonderful little excursion. How thankful you must be that it wasn’t a four hour trip. More time with daughter, and more time to see these lovely things.

I usually drive which cuts into my visiting time so this was a real treat. Another book title was Dogabet, the alphabet featuring dogs for every letter. My daughter bought a copy for her little niece who loves dogs. Very clever.

I LOVE the pottery and the tree doors are awesome!!!! What a fun trip you had and I love float planes. That was certainly the way to travel this time, wasn’t it? I forgot to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving !!! Hope it was half as fabulous as it looks from these pictures!

Thanks so much. It was a fabulous Thanksgiving. You would have loved this tour. I thought of you a couple of times when I saw interesting teapots on display.

Aw..that makes my heart happy! 🙂

That is my kind of weekend. It sounds and looks perfect. I love the artwork and I love pottery. I’m drawn towards contemporary. So happy you had a good Thanksgiving.

Thanks Patricia. It was everything I love, being with my daughter, visiting artists and seeing their exquisit work, being out in the fresh air and getting away from the busy city. I’m lucky to have a potter daughter who lives on an island.

Gee, that sounds like a great book — a potter daughter who lives on an island.:)

Now that looks like the way to fly! And you sure can’t beat the travel time. How wonderful that you got to visit your daughter. The sculptured ceramics you shared are very nice. Lots of great things to see, and buy. 🙂

I also saw a mermaid and I thought of you. I must post it sometime. The sculptured ceramics were amazing!

It sounds like a delightful and perfect time with your daughter. Fantastic pictures!

Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

This looks like the perfect trip! Pretty things to see and buy and time spent with your daughter, how lovely. Thank you so much for sharing all the photos.

It was perfect in so many ways. Pleased that you liked the photos.

WOW! Looks like fun! 😀

It was sooo much fun Erik. You would have loved the trees with little doors in them. It was magical.

I love especially those ceramics.

Thye were even more wonderful in person.

What a wonderful way to spend a weekend, and best of all you saw all that with your daughter.

Thanks Lorna. It was wonderful to do this with my daughter.

Beautiful work! I designed/made toddlers’ clothing which I sold on the craft fair circuit for years; I always enjoyed seeing the creations of other people as part of that “job”. The float plane looks a little scary …we have a friend who owns one which he landed on our little lake one summer day. Don’t think I’d be brave enough to take to the air in it, though:)

There were so many talented artists on this tour. I didn’t mention all the ones we visited. Since you drive all over the island to visit the artists in thier studios, I only met a few of the 41 listed. The float plane was fun and it was a very calm day. I hardly noticed we were in the air. I sat beside a 10 year old boy who was so excited it was contagious. Designing toddlers’ clothing must have been fun.

What an enjoyable treat!

It was a real treat for me. I must do more things like this I realize.

Looks like a wonderful day! I love the door in the tree! It reminds me of Winnie the Pooh or the Berenstain Bears….so much fun!

The door in the tree was delightful. He had a number of trees on his property with doors in them. Thanks for stopping by.

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