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Interviewed by Travel Novels

Posted on: October 10, 2013


Today I am featured on Travel Novels.

Author Interview – Darlene Foster 

 by • October 9, 2013             

What is your experience with the setting of the book? Have you visited or lived in the area? If ‘yes’, what about the area inspired you to use it as the setting?

My husband is English and I have been to visit England a number of times. The first time I ever travelled by airplane was 36 years ago when we flew to England to get married. I remember the excitement of arriving in a country I had read so much about. I was intrigued by the history, the old castles and cathedrals, the country villages and the intense green countryside. Coming from Canada, everything is so new by comparison. I also loved the old bookshops and the charming teashops. All these things inspired me to have my young character visit England.

Read the rest of the interview here:


13 Responses to "Interviewed by Travel Novels"

The whole of the south coast is wonderful. I’ve had the great fortune of having lived in Dorset and West Sussex, but I love to spend holidays in Devon and Cornwall too. Good choice. I am surprised you didn’t mention ‘Fish and Chips’ as a must of British culture food. 🙂

Thanks so much. I actually did mention fish and chips in the book, as well as toad in the hole, mushy peas and spotted dick.

Yes, I love those too! 🙂

Tried leaving a message on the site but I’m not on Discus etc. Lovely interview ladies. How romantic Darlene — to get married in England. Does your husband hold citizenship in both countries? I remember fantasizing about traveling to England to study during the summer. I would have loved to read a story about Amanda’s travels. It didn’t visit England and Wales until the spring of 1997 and what struck me was how really old everything is — homes being handed down for 700 yrs to family members, Cathedrals built in 1300 etc. So much history that I wondered how much it played into wars (i.e. Ireland). I loved visiting, but after a couple of weeks I was ready to come home where everything is so new and fresh looking. We don’t have thousands of years of history that impact us. I was also surprised with the number of vegetarian restaurants. But, I loved the quaint villages. And, I learned to drink tea with cream. Now, I understand why your books are popular among teens who dream of traveling. – Patricia

Thanks Patricia. Yes, my husband has dual citizenship. When I visited in 1977 it was almost impossible to get a vegetarian meal in England but by 1995 things had changed and I was able to eat vege anywhere I went. I feel very comfortable there amongst the old buildings. I think everyone should visit England, or Europe, at least once. Glad you had a nice time when you visited. Wales is charming. We toured Wales on a motorcycle in 1995. I ust write about that sometime.

I completely agree with you on the cream tea front. 🙂 Spring is a great time to visit, as you say, when the trees burst into leaf and the countryside becomes green and lush.

I knew you would agree Lorna and you know some of the best places for cream tea!

I’d love to visit England one day soon and try their Devon cream tea in a beautiful garden. Lovely interview answers, Darlene!

Thanks Claudine. I do hope your dream comes true one day.

What amazing experiences you have had, not to mention this interview.

I’ve had some great experiences. That’s why I decided I needed to write about some of them, for kids!

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