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An Inspiring Eight-Year-Old

Posted on: October 7, 2013

2013-10-05 15.02.27

I attended a book lauch yesterday at our local bookstore, Albany Books. The author, eight-year-old Teagan Read, has written, illustrated and published a book called Kya’s Treasure.

From the back cover:

A treasure!  That is what Kya decides to search for one hot, sunny afternoon.   Nobody has ever attempted such an important mission in her small village in Uganda before.  Will she find what she is looking for?  Come along on Kya’s adventure and help her find her very special treasure!

This book, written by an eight-year-old Canadian girl, is a refreshing story about a young African girl on an extraordinary quest.  It highlights the differences between needs and wants by focusing on various objects that different cultures  value.  Used as a valuable teaching tool or a bedtime story, children of all ages are sure to enjoy this book.

This young woman is an inspiration for anyone, of any age, who has an idea or a dream!

According to an article in the Delta Optimist, Teagan  was inspired after seeing a June story in the Optimist about a team of locals heading to Kamuli, Uganda to help build a well and clean water system at the Good Samaritan Community Nursery and Primary School. Since she enjoys drawing, painting and writing, she created her book, titled Kya’s Treasure, to help “the kids in Africa to have clean water.” She decided to write and illustrate this book to raise funds to help build wells in Kamuli, Uganda and in other areas of Africa. – See more at: http://www.delta-optimist.com/girl-creates-book-to-help-kids-in-africa-1.643554#sthash.eJUn5T0M.dpuf

2013-10-05 18.32.51

The book has delightful illustrations and a wonderful message about what a treasure means to various individuals, represented by African animals.

2013-10-05 18.34.12

Children will love this book, learn about another part of the world and perhaps be inspired to help those less fortunate themselves. Parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters, will have fun reading it to the little ones.

Teagan’s mother told me that initially Teagan wanted to go to Africa with the team to help build the well. When she was told she was too young to go along, this enterprising young woman decided to write a book instead ,to help out. The proceeds from the sale of the book will go the team to help build the well in Kamuli, Uganda. I have no doubt Teagan will get to Africa herself one day.

The book is available at

Albany Books, Tsawwassen

Black Bond Books



I wish Teagan much luck with this delightful book. I am sure it is the first of many more to come.

27 Responses to "An Inspiring Eight-Year-Old"

There are so many gifted young people these days. Good for Teagan. Not only writing and illustrating her book but taking on the really hard part of marketing.

Isn’t she a gem! When I meet and hera about young people like Teagan, I know there is hope for the world. I also mentioned to her mom that she was lucky to have parents that encouraged and supported her.

Thanks for sharing this, Darlene!

We need to encourage these enterprising young people.

This is very inspiring to know – it looks like a really good book!

It is a very good book. As good as many written by adults.

The title itself is so engaging not to mention the illustrations. I want to pull out my Amazon card to give to GS for Christmas. You meet such interesting kids.

I am fortunate to meet such wonderful young people. I am sure your GS would love this book.

Good luck Teagan!!
blessings ~ maxi

I’ll pass this on Maxi. Thanks!

What a talented young lady the illustrations are beautiful. Well done Teagan, I hope your book does really well. Thank you sharing this Darlene.

I’m pleased you enjoyed the illustrations as much as I do Barbara.

It’s so lovely to see young writers actively pursuing sharing their stories. I wish her the best of luck! Thanks for posting this. 🙂

It is refreshing to see for sure. Thanks Libby.

AWESOME! I am very partial to kid-authors. Teagan’s book sounds great! 😀

I knew you would enjoy this post Erik. I should try to get the two of you connected via the internet. Maybe you could start an international kid-authors club or something.

This is really cool. What an amazing little girl. I wish her all the best with her books. I’ll reblog this story to help generate interest.

She is amazing. Thanks so much for reblog Diane

Well done, Teagan! We need more kids like her and Erik to inspire every little dreamer-to-be.

I’m so proud to know both of these enterprising young people. They inspire all of us!

Teagan, congratulations on completing such a worthy and wonderful book. As someone who spent years in publishing, I know it’s a huge accomplishment to take on every part of your project, including the marketing. All the best to you. You are an inspiration.

Thanks for commenting Jodie. It is indeed a huge accomplishment for an eight year old.

[…] recently wrote about eight-year-old Teagan  Read who wrote a book called Kya’s Treasure to raise money to help build a well and clean water […]

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