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A Day at Red Rock Coulee

Posted on: August 14, 2013

Another interesting day trip my grandson and I took was to Red Rock Coulee, 56 kilometers (35 miles) south-west of Medicine Hat, Alberta. This little known area is a wonder to behold. Large, perfectly round, red boulders are scattered around a 324 hectar (800 acre) prairie landscape. Some of these boulders are up to 2.5 metres (8 feet) in diameter and are among the largest of these in the world. It is virtually in the middle on nowhere and we had the place to ourselves. It was like being on another planet!


DSC03749      DSC03743



Research tells me these boulders were formed in prehistoric seas that once covered this area.  Sand, calcite and iron oxide collected around a nucleus formed by shells, leaves or bones and grew as the circulating waters deposited more layers. The reddish colour comes from iron oxide. And I thought they were the result of a meteor shower!




This is a great place to hike among the stones and, if you like climbing like my grandson does, there’s plenty of opportunities to do that. The only wildlife we saw were the resident mosquitoes. We were glad we brought bug spray.  It was a wonderful day trip and a perfect place for those of us with vivid imaginations. The day ended with an ice cream treat when we returned to the real world.

29 Responses to "A Day at Red Rock Coulee"

Pinned this on my Travels in My Mind Board. http://pinterest.com/pin/147141112798683308/ /Thank you for taking me there.

Thanks so much! It’s a place not many will know about. Now they will.

Such a fascinating place. I’m a bit old for climbing boulders, but If I visited I would want to give it a go!

I didn’t do any climbing as I am just getting over the ankle break and didn’t trust myself to do more damage, but my grandson sure did a lot of climbing. The walking around is easy there though. It is a facinating place.

It looked like a very nice day: the scrambled clouds, the never-ending plains and the big rocks. Ice cream is a perfect ending for a perfect day!

It was a perfect day! Thanks.

He’ll remember grandma taking him there. And he’ll certainly understand what a coulee is.
“Tell me, I’ll forget
Show me, I’ll remember
Involve me, I’ll understand” Chinese proverb

Thanks Georgette. I have always loved that quote. Time with grandchildren is fleeting and it is good to do memorable things together.

Looks like a perfect place to take a grandson! What a fun day.

I’m so glad I took him there. It was fun for both of us.

Interesting. I hadn’t heard of the area. I will add it to my list of local places to go.

We will go there together the next trip to Medicine Hat!

I love how you include photos with your words, Darlene. What a mysterious place!

It is indeed facsinating and mysterious!

Love the photos, Darlene. This place is amazing! How nice that you’re taking your grandson to see these sights. These are things he’ll remember always.

Thanks Laura. We are making good memories for both of us.

What interesting rocks, Darlene. I imagine your grandson enjoyed those. Ice cream is always a good segue between worlds.

I had been there a long time ago with my parents and thought my grandson would enjoy them. It is a unique place.

Wow! What amazing rock formations! You’re right, it’s like being on another planet. Glad you had such a wonderful day.

Thanks for stopping by. It was an incredible day!

I had never heard of this, what a wonderful place. You’re making such great memories with your grandson, it’s lovely.

Not many have heard about it. Even the locals are not aware of it. Like you, I enjoy finding these out-of-the way places. (There was no tearoom though so we settled for ice cream later.)

thanks darlene, awesome pictures – amazing stones – they do look like they’re from another world!

It was amazing and even more fun visiting with a 12 year-old.

Amazing nature!

You would just love this place Lada. It is quite amazing.

I bet I would. Will put it on my list. 🙂

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