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Posted on: July 16, 2013



It has been 24 years since I left the Canadian prairies for the west coast of BC. I try to get back once or twice a year to visit my Mom, my son and his family and many old friends. My daughter and I made a visit to our home town of Medicine Hat, Alberta at the beginning of July. It is not often that I get to be with both my kids at the same time.  Here are a few highlights of the trip.

Sister and brother visiting around the fire.

Sister and brother visiting around the fire.


Grandson playing a giant game of chess near the library

Grandson playing a giant game of chess near the library

With Grandson at the HooDoos near Drumheller

With Grandson at the HooDoos near Drumheller

Visiting the scary dinosaurs at Tryrroll Museum

Visiting the scary dinosaurs at Tyrroll Museum


Aunty and nephew at the Pioneer Village

Aunty and nephew at the Pioneer Village


Mom with her great great granddaughter

Mom with her great great granddaughter

Son with his grandchildren

Son with his grandchildren




Medicine Hat, home of the world's largest TeePee

Medicine Hat, home of the world’s largest TeePee

Watch for more about this trip and the adventures I had with my twelve year old grandson later.







32 Responses to "Fun With Family"


You created one of those cuties!!

I’m curious about Medicine Hat. The town could have been called Teepee. Wonderful family photos. You all take after your mother, and the younger ones certainly look like you.

One day I will write a blog about Medicine Hat as it has some interesting history. Mom was delighted to have mostl of her family there at the beginning of July.

I love it such beautiful pics and lovely family!

Sent from my iPad

Thanks Chris. I am blessed with a wonderful family.

What beautiful counrtry. Loved the wonderful family photos!

Thanks Patricia. The praires have a certain beauty and will always hold a specail place in my heart.

There is nothing more precious than family and your photos say it all!

You are so right Barb. Family is everything and you don’t have to live close by to be close knit.

It was nice to see Marcelle and Todd together. I imagine they have a lot of catching up to do when they get together. I

Although they are 8 years apart in age, they are very close. It warmed my heart to see them together.

Did you label that picture right? Your son is with his grandchildren? It looks to me like he’s with your grandchildren.

Regardless, what great fun! I’m so happy to see pictures of all the family. I’m glad your Mom is still here to enjoy the younger generations – that’s so good for all the generations to know each other.


Those are my two great grandchildren! (We tend to have our children very young in our family.) We are so blessed to have mom with us to enjoy the little ones and they just love her.

Oops – sorry about that. You really must have had them young though – we’re nearly the same age (or so I thought) and my daughter is nowhere near ready to start a family yet. Of course, I already had a kindergartener when I was the age she is now.

No worries, its a common mistake. When my son was little everyone said, what a cute little brother you have. Then when he had children, everyone thought they were mine. Now he has 4 kids and 2 grandkids and he is the just best Dad and Poppa! My 38 year old daughter on the other hand has no children. I just love all of them to bits.

Beautiful pictures, Darlene. I am so glad you’ve made time to be with your family: always the most important thing in the world. It looks like a very tranquil and beautiful place too. Thanks for sharing. Canada is on my bucket list.

Canada is a vast and amazing place. I do hope you make it here some day. You are so right, family is the most important thing. Its not quantity of time spent but rather quality of time spent with them that is important.

Awww… That giant chess is cool. Could you actually play the game?

You could actually play the game, if you knew how!

Wow – what a lovely family you have Darlene – looks like you had a great time! Moments to treasure! (You do get around too – what an interesting life you have!!)

Thanks so much Sharon. It was a special time. I have been fortunate to visit my hubby’s parents in Spain and my family in Alberta this summer.

What a nice reunion to be in your hometown with your family! Everyone looks so happy to be together… 🙂

We don’t get together that often but when we do it is a great time!

You’ve got a lot of great memories shared here. Love that fashionista!

Isn’t she amazing. She just knew what to do with that scarf.

Lovely pics and what adorable faces!

Thnaks Holly! I love those adorable faces to bits.

Enjoyed the family photos. How sweet to spend time with all of them!

Thanks Pauline. it was a real treat to have some quality time with everyone together.

what a great looking family. so many amazing sites to see in alberta.
beautiful. thanks darlene.

You’ve heard me talk about them, now you got to see them!

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