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Flat Ruthie Visits a Ranch and Dinosaurs in Alberta

Posted on: July 11, 2013


Flat Ruthie hitched a ride to Alberta where she visited the Bar U Ranch outside of Calgary. She enjoyed her chuckwagon ride and was careful not to fall off.


She went from the frying pan


To a little too close to the fire!


She also got close to some scary dinosaurs at The Royal Tyrrell Museum in Drumheller.


The dinosaurs outside the museum were not quite as scary.


Flat Ruthie looks so small beside this real dinosaur foot. If it stepped on her, she would be even flatter!!

26 Responses to "Flat Ruthie Visits a Ranch and Dinosaurs in Alberta"

haha…enjoyed this. When I was with GS back in CA in May I helped him with his dinosaur project and learned T-rex is more related to birds than reptiles. Fascinating. Are you doing research? Thank you for taking us to the Royal Tyrrell Museum and Drumheller…new names for me.

So glad you enjoyed this post. Yes, I was doing research for my next book, Amanda in Alberta. Got tons of ideas now!

Oh Flat Ruthie is adorable!!! Brings back memories of my “flat Andy” that went to China with us since he was too heavy to pack!!!! Great pics of her, Darlene!

I remember flat Andy! She is adorable isn’t she.

She is VERY adorable!

I had flat Stanley for a visit to the west coast….from Drumheller!!

That is so cool Tammy. I know you are from that area.

I’m glad Flat Ruthie’s visit to Alberta was timed so that she missed the floods.

She would have been soggy Ruthie had we visited a week earlier. Thanks for taking us around.

Oh wow! Flat Ruthie really gets around. Too cute. 🙂

She loves to see interesting parts of the world.

Love this. What a great way to begin to imagine your next story and do a bit of research.

It was fun. I also spent time with family so it was win win all around.

[…] on July 12, 2013 by Ruth Check it out.  From Darlene Foster’s blog  Darlene Foster writes  Flat Ruthie came with me to Alberta and enjoyed helping me with research […]

That Ruthie always finds the best places to visit – great post Darlene!

She is a great travel companion

Even flatter! Cute, Darlene. 🙂

What wonderful adventures you have Darlene – first Spain and now this. And the sky is always blue & the sun always shines for you!

I tend to seek out the sun. I have been lucky lately to have some great adventures. So nice to see you here Sharon. Hope you are having a good summer.

Cute – reminds me of my student teaching semester when my class and I sent 6 stuffed teddy bears off on a journey to explore the world. Are you helping a class’ mascot too?

Thnaks fo stopping by my blog Tricia. Flat Ruthie isn’t a school mascot. She belongs to the real Ruth who travels through Flat Ruthie.

I love your Flat Ruthie! Both of my children participated in a Flat Stanley project (geography lesson) when they were in grade one. They had to send their flat stanley to a friend who lived somewhere else, and that person took Flat STanley all around for a week, taking pictures, and then sent him back. The teacher made up a big map of the world and everyone got to see where Stanley had gone. My daughter’s Stanley went to visit Washington (state) and my son’s Stanley went to Australia. He was such a hit with the family in Australia, that their little girl’s school started a similar project. It was really fun.

That is so cool. To think your son inspired a school in Australia! Flat Ruthie does get around as well.

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