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More Spain 2013

Posted on: June 28, 2013

Altea by the sea

Altea by the sea

As promised here are a few more pictures from our latest trip to Spain. wWe love exploring the old Spanish towns.

Streets of Altea

Streets of Altea


Blue Domed Church in Altea

Blue Domed Church in Altea

Ancient tower at Moraira

Ancient tower at Moraira

Historic windmill at Lo Pagan

Historic windmill at Lo Pagan

Sculpture at Los Alcazares honouring the fihermen of the area

Sculpture at Los Alcazares honouring the fishermen of the area

Cabo Roig

Cabo Roig

I was looking for a large flower pot but wasn't able to bring this one home.

I was looking for a large flower pot but wasn’t able to bring this one home.

And of course there were all those fabulous beaches. I like to go early in the morning before it gets too hot and too busy. I had my choice of sun beds!

La Zenia beach

La Zenia beach

Hope you enjoyed revisiting my holiday with me. Pictures are just the best souvenirs!!

27 Responses to "More Spain 2013"

That flower pot is just HUGE!!! You look so happy – you’re really having fun, aren’t you?? I’m glad to see the pictures and all the scenery!


I knew you would enjoy these pictures. We really did have fun. It is good to get away with your man once in awhile. Is the flower pot huge or am I just so little???

Yeah, with us short people everything looks big next to us! Especially when our children are six inches taller like my daughter!

What a beautiful town, everything looks freshly painted and clean against the backdrop of blue, blue water. Nice that you get to show up in your vacation photos! That is one large flower pot!

My DH is good about including me in the pictures. Everything was very clean everywhere we went. They must repaint every year to keep it all so white.

Moraira! So nice to see pictures of it! My dad used to take his students on summer camps there when I was little, but I’ve never been myself. It’s one of those places lingering on the back of my mind asking to be visited. Thanks for sharing again. 🙂

We stumbled upon this lovely little seaside town and loved it.

Gorgeous! You look so tiny next to the flowerpot, that’s a great shot. 🙂 I love the blue domes and the beautiful streets of Altea, it all looks wonderful.

It was all so wonderful. We found nice coffee/teashops as well so you would be right at home.

I don’t know why you couldn’t just put that flower pot in your carry on luggage!!! I love the pictures!! You are VERY photogenic and the beauty of the area is astounding. Now I want to take a trip!!! Thanks for sharing!

Putting these pictures together makes me want to go on another trip too. Thanks for the kind comments.

Great pictures and I love the colors – it looks so summery!

Wish I was there! So beautiful! 😀

When I have my castle in Spain, I will invite you and your family over for a visit.

Really makes me want to visit Spain. I love the street with steps — never saw that before. Beautiful pictures and of course of you. Glad you had such a wonderful time.

Thanks Patricia. i do hope you get to Spain one day.

My honeymooning son and his bride are visiting Spain. So nice to know it’s so picturesque. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

I do hope your son and his wife enjoy it as much as we do. It is indeed picturesque.

honestly, what am I doing here? 🙂

I have never heard of Altea or Moraira. So many places to go, so many places to see. In fact, all your photos show places I don’t know. Makes me want to get up and go…there! Thank you for sharing such lovely views.

We like to check out the smaller, less known places. Sometimes we just stumble upon places that are amazing.

Your photos bring everything to life, Darlene. You look like a midget next to the flower pot.
blessings ~ maxi

So pleased you enjoyed the pictures Maxi. I felt like a midget beside that pot.

Hello Darlene, I’ve enjoyed seeing all the sunshine in your lovely pics. We got back from our holiday on Tuesday, we had a mixture of cold, rain and just a little sun.

The sunshine in Spain was lovely. We had a little rain too but not enough to dampen our spirits. You did visit some interesting places and your pictures were great! It is always nice to get away and see something new.

Bellissima Espana 🙂 (sorry, don’t have the upper score on my keyboard).

You look great, Darlene!

Thanks Lada. I was truly relaxed and happy.

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