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Spain Holiday 2013

Posted on: June 25, 2013

I want to share a few pictures of our marvelous holiday in Spain last month. We spent a week in Denia, a historical fishing town dating back to the Iberian Age, with a castle in the middle! Right out of a story book.






beautiful churches


outdoor cafes and tapas bars in the historic city centre




a bust of the great author, Miguel de Cervantes who disembarked in Denia after his captivity in Algeria in 1580


and a medieval market with many goodies and some adorable flower pot men!




Such great memories. We truly loved this place and hope to return.

More pictures to come……..


32 Responses to "Spain Holiday 2013"

Pinned this on my Travels in my Mind Board. Thank you. http://pinterest.com/pin/147141112798393002/

THank you Katherine!!

Loved seeing and hearing about your travels. Gives me “itchy feet” to travel again..lol.

My feet seem to be permanently itchy.

It looks like you had a great time! and not a very busy place. I may put Denia on my travel wish list. 🙂

It wasn’t overly touristy so it was very nice. I imagine it gets somewhat busier in the summer months. Do put it on your travel wish list.

Love the flowerpot men! The pictures remind me a bit of Carcassone in France, which is probably about the same age. Seeing new places is so much fun!

Thanks Jan. I love visiting new places!!

How wonderful you were able to visit such fascinating history, Darlene.
I love the outdoor cafes.
blessings ~ maxi

Food always tastes better when eaten outdoors for some reason. Thanks Maxi!

One of the places I would like to visit in our motorhome. Thank you for sharing such lovely pictures.

Hope you have a chance to visit thsi lovely spot!

I want to live in a castle someday. HUGE! With lots of trees (at least 1500 acres) surrounding 3 of the walls, and water surrounding the last. Caligon Manor it would be called. But I’m fantasizing. But you can come and visit. Which Tower would you like? North, South, East, or West? 😉

Glad you had fun!

I’ll have the west tower Sir Eric. It is fun to fantasize! When I was yor rage I used to dream of living in a castle. At least I have got to visit a few over the years.When I do I visualize what it must have been like all those years ago. Caligon manor should show up in one of your stories one day.

Dear Lady Darlene (Foster, just that it is usually [title] [first name] in between people like us. 😉 )
I think it will show up in a story… My biography! 😉
Lord Erik

Oh, how I’d love to visit Spain. I love your photos. Everything looks so manicured, clean and relaxed. Amanda must have enjoyed the vacation!

Thanks Patricia. I do find Spain to be a very relaxing place and very clean and tidy. The people always have time to stop and say Hola.

Looks like a relaxing time out of time. What will Amanda’s next passport stamp be?

It was truly relaxing. Next stop Alberta. Amanda just may stay in her own country for the next while. She hasn’t seen the Maritime provinces yet either.

Fantastic pictures Darlene! I’m looking forward to seeing more…

My pictures are not near the quality of yours but you get the idea. More will come soon. Spain is a great place to take pictures!

Denia looks like a wonderful place to visit, I didn’t know about it until reading your blog.

I love checking out the lesser known places. (as do you) You never know what you will find around the corner, usually a little gem.

Great pictures Darlene. Don’t you just love that ancient, quirky architecture?

Thanks! When I visit these ancient places I always think about all the people who have walked there over the centuries. If those wals could talk, what stories we would hear.

Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Love the flower pot men.

Those flower pot men where quite whimsical. Each one individual and hand made.

wow, what a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing!

Thnaks for visiting my blog Hilary! Glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Beautiful pictures 🙂

Thanks for sharing your trip with us, I always enjoy seeing the sights.

By sharing the trip with all of you, I get to relive it! Glad you enjoyed the sights.

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