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Spain Again

Posted on: April 26, 2013

“The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plane.” My Fair Lady

Here are more pictures from my favourite places in Spain.


Spain 09 036

Spain 09 041













La Alberca

flower strewn balcony

Darlene in La Alberca

citizen of La Alberca

These are just a few of my favourite pictures. I may post more from time to time.

All pictures were taken by Darlene Foster and Paul Foster over the course of 8 years.


26 Responses to "Spain Again"

you are making me dream, Darlene, and that is a very good thing! Who knows what it will lead to….

Dreaming is good. It always leads to wonderful things.

Beautiful pictures!

Thanks, glad you like them.

I’m so glad you’re writing about Spain – I’m really looking forward to going there next month!

We will be there in May as well. This is just to get me excited too.

Spain’s coast along Alicante and Benidorm is gorgeous. I’ve never been to Barcelona.

I do hope you get to Barcelona one day as it is the most amazing and unique city I have visited. We love the Costa Blanca and look forwrad to two weeks there next month.

I like the way the buildings look!

You would love the buildings, especaily the Gaudi buildings as they are magical.

Wow. What a stunning city. My bucket list grows.

Thanks for stopping by. It is an amazing country!

Hello Darlene, thanks so much for calling in at my blog earlier today. I’m not getting any of your posts either (I have no idea why), but it’s lovely to be back in touch.
Your photographs are beautiful. I am so envious of that blue sky! Barbara

It is great to be back in touch. I resubscribed to your blog so hopefully I will start getting them again. The blue sky is very inviting!

Hi Darlene, Oh this just made me wish I was back there again. It has been years since hubby and I went through Barcelona and Madrid. I loved it. Can’t believe you are off again next month. Go you! At the end of May I am having a young woman from Spain come to stay for one week, all the way from Spain. You will have to post some pics of your new visit there. 🙂

Enjoy your visitor from Spain. I will be posting more pictures when we return for sure. Glad these brought back good memories.

if I am not mistaken, the pictures from Barcelona are Gaudi architecture. I was blown away when I first saw that back in the 1970’s. It was the time for deconstruction of everything, so seeing how walls bent the wrong way and cathedrals were built like sugar plum cakes was a great joy to a then young mind. Lovely!

I was in awe of the Gaudi buildings, I had never seen anything like it before. I just had to include them in my Amanda in Spain novel.

Hi Darlene – I noticed your comment on Barbara’s blog and had been wondering if you had posted anything new as I hadn’t had an email notification for a while. Usually I get one every time you publish a post but nothing came for this one(?) I wonder what has happened (and if I can get it working again!) Another lovely post with wonderful vibrant photographs. I especially like the one with the magical little tower against the backdrop of that beautiful clear blue sea.

I love that picture as well. Guadelest is a small village at the top of a mountain. Very charming. I’m not sure what is happening with my blog posts. Perhaps try to subscribe again. I am still getting yours.

These are beautiful photos! Spain is definitely one place I want to travel to in the near future. Along with, you know, a couple hundred other stunning places. 🙂

I know – so many places, so little time. I do hope you get to Spain one day. I know you will love it!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures. I like the “house” you are standing under with all the flowers on the balconies/

Isn’t it wonderful. It was built around the time Columbus set sail for a new world.I love the medieval villages in interior Spain. It was a house at one time, it is now a hotel and restuarant.

Excellent selection of photos presenting Spain.

Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the photos.

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