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Why I Love Spain

Posted on: April 15, 2013


I love Spain. I have been there four times in the past 8 years and every time I enjoy it more. Here are some pictures from my  vist last September to show what I love about this amazing country.

The Sun and the Beaches



The Mediterranean Sea




The Historic Buildings



The Architecture


The Art – Everywhere


The Outdoor Eating


My in-laws, who live there


Father and son enjoying a beer

Father and son enjoying a drink together

Just a few of the things I love about Spain.  I will share more in future posts.  I love it so much I am returning next month!


Is there some place that you can’t get enough of?

42 Responses to "Why I Love Spain"

Beautiful pictures. I was in Spain a few times long ago, mainly in Catalonia (Barcelona) and Mallorca. I loved it. It’s one of my favorite countries next to Italy.

We visited Barcelona 3 years ago and I plan to write about it soon as it was amamzing. I have yet to visit Italy but plan to soon.

With the weather we have been ‘enjoying’ in Canada I can imagine your bags are already packed.

My body is here but my mind is there!

Those pictures of the sea make me want to go back there now! Been to Tenerife and Gran Canaria a few times..the sparkling turquoise seas just captivate me. That and the sunshine and heat…I thrive in warm climates. By some cruel twist of fate I was born in Scotland. Brrr! Great blog btw 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Glad you like my blog. I was born in Canada so I know the feeling of longing for warmth and sunshine.

Nice post! I’m a Spain addict as well. I’m so glad it finally got warm enough to go to the beach here.

Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog. We are thinking of going to live in Spain for awhile as well. My in-laws live near Alicante.

Thanks very much! I haven’t made it down to Alicante, but I’ve heard it has incredible beaches.

Hoping to go in June (south, to Malaga) before I head over to Greece. I have friends living down there.

Thnaks for visiting my blog Ruth. I haven’t been to Malaga yet. I’m sure you wll have a great time.

Thank you for sharing Spain with us. It is lovely.

Glad you enjoyed it.

Wonderful pictures. For my husband and I it’s Sedona, Arizona. It just feels like home–the beauty, the weather and the atmosphere are a constant draw.

I too love Sedona. I took my mom and my daughter there 4 years ago and we had such a wonderful time. It is my favourite place in North America.

I love Spain, too! Alicante, Benidorm and Mallorca are beautiful!

The pictures are all taken near Alicante. We will be staying in that area again this May.

I really enjoyed the photos and it was great to see your smiling face. I’m glad your honey takes a lot of pictures of you. How’s the ankle? Are you holding up with all the walking?


Thanks Nancy. So pleased you enjoyed the pictures. He is good about taking some pictures of me. The ankle still hurts but I’m getting around much better. Its just taking longer than I thought.

Just remember to not overdo it! I hope there are more pictures coming from your trip – I really enjoyed seeing the sights.

What warmth I got from looking at your photos – lovely! I hope you have a wonderful trip next month. It’s so nice to be outside in the evening without a jacket, and Spain is great for that.

The photos made me feel warmer too. I’m looking forward to warm evenings eating outside. (I always feel that things taste better when eaten outside)

I would love to travel to Spain. It’s nice you have family there. Loved your pictures. Such a beautiful country. I have a friend who was born there and travels back to see relatives annually.

We were quite delighted when we learned my husband’s parents decided to retire to Spain (from England) ten years ago. It is a beautiful country.

I love Spain too! Wishing you a gorgeous and wonderful trip, Darlene! Bring back to the American shores some of that amazing Mediterranean sun and lovely atmosphere 🙂

I think many parts of North America could use some of that wonderful sun.

Of course 🙂 I meant “N. American shores,” US and Canada included, could use this sun. Upstate NY is finally starting to see the sun after many days of rain. I miss European spring so much. The spring on the Mediterranean and Black Sea is so gorgeous, and so nice & long.

Cheers 🙂

I haven’t been to Spain since 1975 but it was very hot and beautiful in Barcelona that year. I’ll soon be walking the camino and I’m hoping it is not too hot. I may go to Finisterre but I’m not sure yet. Weather in Newfoundland is still in the one digit so far. It will be nice to practice some Spanish as I’ve been studying for months. Enjoy your next trip. Funny how we will be there at the same time but in different locations.

The weather in May shoudl be just right for walking the Camino. It is cool that we will both be there at the same time. Enjoy every minute. I am so impressed that you are doing this Pauline.

You have some great reasons to love Spain! I’ll be there next month (Barcelona ) and I can’t wait 🙂

I look forward to your photos from Barcelona. We won’t be there this time but we visited 3 years ago and loved it!

Beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

I’m glad you liked them.

Lucky you – it does look glorious! Love all that blue, blue, blue!

The blue is fabulous isn’t it!

Plockton, a tiny National Trust village on the shores of a loch near Kyle of Lochalsh snd the Isle of Skye on the west coast of Scotland. The setting for the ‘Hamish MacBeth’ detective stories – check them out. An incredibly peaceful and spiritual place. Take a boat ride and look at the seals or just enjoy a coffee by the loch side.

It all looks so blue and warm! I love Australia for those same reasons, plus we have family there.
I’m still catching up with all your lovely posts. Barbara

Great to have you back! We are lucky to have family in Spain too. It is nice to hace a warm sunny place to go once in awhile.

I have never gotten to travel much. Spain would be high on the list. My father’s mother’s side were Spaniards, the name DiMano.

You would love Spain Carl. Hope you get a chance to visit there one day. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

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