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The Lion and Lamb Theory

Posted on: April 1, 2013


March came in like a lion this year; cold, rainy, windy and just plain ugly. While everyone around me complained, I reminded them that this was good, as it was a sure thing we would be blessed with nice weather at the end of March. Sure enough, we have had an amazing week of lovely warm sunny weather here on the west coast of Canada. This Easter weekend I have been for a walk on the beach three days in a row. So glad the theory works, every time.

Orchid and easter basket, gifts at work

Orchid and easter basket, gifts at work

Having four days off is wonderful, but to have four sunny days off on the “wet coast” is almost unheard of. It has been lovely. Everyone left work on Thursday in a happy mood.  A satisfied client brought us orchids and a colleague provided Easter treats.

Besides going for walks on the beach, I have been meeting friends for tea and having coffee with hubby at various special places around town. Also enjoying the multitude of  blooming daffodils and cherry trees in our neighborhood.

Tea with friends

Tea with friends

Macaroon latte with hubby, yummy!

Macaroon latte with hubby, yummy!

I have always loved the Easter season and the spirit of hope it evokes.  Spring flowers are my favourite.


Tulips given to me by the students at Holly Elementary School.

Tulips given to me by the students at Holly Elementary School.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, however you celebrated it.

May your days be filled with much sunshine, flowers and hope.

28 Responses to "The Lion and Lamb Theory"

Darlene, these pictures are lovely and so cheerful and there are some yummy treats. You definitely had a great Easter holiday. We had a fairly sunny day here in southern California and I went for Easter brunch with a few friends. Nice and relaxing. There is some rain on the way, which we actually need. Have a great week.

Thanks Christa. Sounds like you did things to make you happy this weekend as well. Rain is always welcome when needed.

Spring beauty, gotta love it! Happy Easter, Darlene

It was so nice out wasn’t it! Happy Easter to you as well Lisa.

What beautiful spring flowers, and ooooh I have not heard of macaroon latte. It looks so delicious! So happy you had a great weekend. I am hoping Summer stays a little bit longer down here…:)

We always want summer to hang on as long as possible. We are now looking forward to ours.

It all looks beautiful Darleen, I’m so glad you had a nice Easter weekend. Cold but sunny in the UK, nice for walking and gardening but not warm enough to sit for long. Barbara marchhousebookscom.blogspot.co.uk/

We heard about the cold spring in the UK. I do hope it warms up for you soon. Glad you got some sun for Easter.

Darlene, those flowers look gorgeous, as does your smile. I particularly love the cherry blossoms and that elephant teapot! Read about your contest win on FB. Huge Congrats & Happy Easter!

Thanks Claudine! The cherry blossoms are everywhere right now and make ones heart happy.

Ohhhh I am jealous jealous jealous!! That wonderful spring feeling has fled us in Mtl again–leaving below zero temperatures, bare trees, dirty snow, and windy days 😦
Our patience here is being tested–but we will wait out the gloom!! lol
Looks like you had a lovely easter weekend 🙂

We were indeed fortunate to have such nice weather at this time of the year. I hope your weather turns around soon. Keep warm!

It rained here (I think March was thinking “April Showers bring May Flowers” a bit TOO early… 😉 ). Happy Easter!

It’s wonderful that you’ve had some beautiful weather. It sounds like you enjoyed your long weekend too!

It was great. Actually got some writing in as well. Thanks!

Your orchid and tulips are lovely! Chocolate is always nice, too. 🙂

You can’t go wrong with flowers or chocolates as a gift for me. I will buy myself chocolate from time to time but I never treat myself to flowers so they are extra special.

I too love the springtime. The time of renewal. Your pictures are perfect to set the mood.

Glad you enjoyed the pictures. The cherry blossoms are everywhere and make me feel very happy!

How lovely Darlene – what a special Easter weekend. Your flowers and blossoms are lovely! We have not been so lucky – it is still freezing here – I live in hope!

I have heard about your cold spring. I’m sure once it warms up, it be as lovely as ever. Don’t give up hope!

Such beautiful Easter treats. Looks like last weekend was just lovely. Wishing you another one this weekend. Macaroon latte! Would love to try one.

Thanks Georgette. The latte was incredible. The things they do with coffee these days!

Wow, here in Nova Scotia, my daffodils are only two inches out of the ground. I always love to see them in bloom; it means summer is so close I can taste it. 🙂

I feel quilty that we get to experience spring so much sooner here on the west coast. Daffodils are my happy flowers too!

Super yummy pics! 🙂

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