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Guest Blogging, Blog Hopping and a 5 Star Review

Posted on: March 25, 2013

I was pleased to be invited as a guest blogger on Darlene Quinn’s site.  Darlene Quinn is an award-winning author, writing coach and public speaker.  Check out her award-winning books Webs of Fate, Twisted Webs  and Webs of Power.  This busy, dynamic woman is also the host of the Facebook group, Talking Fiction. A  group for anyone and everyone who loves fiction. Reader, writer, dabbler, dreamer…  Here is my article:

Why Writing for Children is Important – Guest Blog By Darlene Foster

Many of us began our love affair with books as children. Being read to before bed by a family member, walking into the library for the first time, discovering the ability to read by yourself; are warm and fuzzy memories. We keep worn copies of our favourite childhood books and share them with the new little ones in our lives.  Books and children go together like strawberries and ice cream….   read more at   http://darlenequinn.net/2013/why-writing-for-children-is-important/

Jesse reading my book

My grandson reading one of my books

I was very excited to see my name appear on the blog of another superb writer, Cassandra Giovanni,  C Giovanni Writes where she wrote a flattering review of Amanda in Arabia, proving that my stories are not only for children but for readers of all ages.

This book was an excellent, easy flowing adventure. You meet the very inquisitive Amanda as she begins a journey to the United Arab Emirates and as she learns about this new country, so do you.  Here is the rest of the review: http://cgiovanniwrites.wordpress.com/2013/03/09/i-woke-up-and-wanted-to-read-so-i-did/

 I have also been mentioned on a blog hop called The Next Big Thing where writers talk about their WIP or soon to be released work. It is fun to see what others are working on.  My next big thing was mentioned on a previous post in case you missed it.  https://darlenefoster.wordpress.com/2012/11/21/the-next-big-thing-blog-hop/

Others in this blog hop are:

Elizabeth Egerton Wilder

Linda Cassidy Lewis

John Cammalleri

Annie Acorn

Christa Polkinhorn

I love blogging, hopping and reading about what others think of my work. It makes it all worthwhile, doesn’t it? It also motivates me to keep writing!


19 Responses to "Guest Blogging, Blog Hopping and a 5 Star Review"

Nice post Darlene. I loved the link to the blog hop and learnt about your new wip. I am hanging out for your next book. You have a very tidy work area.

That was one of the better days. (Maybe I tidied it up for the picture) It’s pretty untidy right now! Glad you liked the post.

Congratulations to all your success, Darlene. And to your next project.

Thanks Maxi. You have a knack for making me feel special!

Wow, I didn’t realize you were such an accomplished author. All of your books sound very interesting. Good luck on your next project. You sound like you really have fun writing. Can’t believe you have such a clean work area.

Thanks Patricia. I do have fun writing even though I have to fit it in whenever I can. I’m afraid the picture is misleading as my work area isn’t usually that tidy. (You should see it now!)

Love it! Picture of grandson reading your book. You never know. He could become a Spanish major.

He did enjoy the Spanish words in that book. Whatever he decides to do, we have instilled the love of reading.

Lovely post, Darlene. What an honour (well deserved) to appear on Darlene Quinn’s blog. I agree, writing for children is so important and hard to get exactly right. You rock!

Thanks for those kind words Niamh.

I think that must be one of the nicest feelings ever–seeing your grandson reading your book 🙂

It is an amazing feeling and one I have to pinch myself to be sure it is for real. Who’d have thought?

Darlene, that was a wonderful guest post! (Hope the comment I’d left there goes through.) Congrats on yet another 5-star review. I love how Amanda goes to Alberta and attends the Calgary Stampede next. I have heard a bit on The Greatest Outdoor Show. 🙂 Keep going, Amanda and Darlene!

Thanks Claudine. How sweet of you to comment. Thanks also for the motivation!

Lovely post Darlene – the photo of your grandson is adorable. It was also so nice to see where you work – you look very organised even if your ‘space’ is not always as tidy!

Always forget to change my name – but I think from the photo you know who I am!

I am lucky to have “Room of My Own”. I always know who you are my friend.

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