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200 years of Jane Austen

Posted on: March 4, 2013

“I want to tell you that I have got my own darling child from London.” Jane Austen, in a letter to her sister, Cassandra, January 29, 1813 upon receiving her first published copy of Pride and Prejudice.

January 28th was the 200th anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice and we are still reading it and watching various film adaptations of the book. Like many of us, Jane had trouble getting her book published, but she persevered. Just think what we would have missed had she given up!

Over at Jane Austen’s Museum Blog the anniversary party at Chawton Cottage is described in detail with many photographs. I especially love the cake provided by Squires of Farnham It is recreation of the frontispiece of the Museum’s copy of the first edition of Pride and Prejudice.


Picture from Jane Austen’s Museum Blog

I am sure Jane would be pleased as she always loved a good party!

I recently had tea with a good friend who surprised me with a lovely edition of Emma, my favourite Jane Austen novel.


I  have spent many hours pouring over this special edition which includes lovely drawings and pages on Regency life, geographical settings, Regency fashions, and a Jane Austen timeline.



What a wonderful friend to think of me when she saw this book.

There will be many celebrations this year commemorating the 200th anniversary of the publication of Pride and Prejudice.  If you haven’t read it or haven’t read it in a while, this may be a good year to read /reread it.

If you read Jane Austen, which is your favourite novel and why?

44 Responses to "200 years of Jane Austen"

I’m torn between Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. Why? No sure, it’s been a while since I read them and this may be a good time to reread them! Thanks, Darlene, for reminding me!

They are both very good. I love the characters so much. I seldom reread a book as I have limited reading time, but I can read Jane Austen’s books over and over.

Fantastic! I think Pride and Prejudice is my favorite b/c it was the first one of hers that I read. Ema is my 2nd favorite. Love Jane Austen and thanks for reminding us that even she had a hard time getting published. 🙂

There is something about Emma and her meddling ways that endears her to me. I also love the description of country life so well painted in Emma. Of course Pride and Prejudice holds a special place in my heart too. I can almost speak along with it when we watch a film adaptation!

I love Jane Austens stories and will be very happy to celebrate this anniversary year! 🙂 Persuasion is probably my favorite of all her tales. Anne and Captain Wentworth’s deep and undying love for one another, even after a long separation, is so moving.

Persuasion is another favourite. It is evident that Jane ‘s writing had matured somewhat in this novel. I still cry at the end of this book (happy tears).

Thank you for calling attention to this commemorative year. Time to reread her works…but perhaps not from such a beautiful edition as yours. What a thoughtful friend!

I am blessed with amazing friends!

I often wonder what Jane Austen and her family would think if they could see her celebrity. Absolutely dumbfounded no doubt.

She was lucky to have a family that supported her efforts at a time when ladies just didn’t do such a thing as write books. I am sure Jane, never in her wildest dreams, imagined her staying power.

You have paid a lovely tribute to Jane Austen, Darlene. No doubt she would be grateful.
blessings ~ maxi

Thanks Maxi. I am sure Jane can feel the love even after 200 years.

Pride and Prejudice is simply perfect, with drama and humor. To think it was published 200 years ago!

I know. So many of the themes in the book are just as relevant today!

Jane Austen is, and always has been, my favourite novelist. I am deeply influenced by her and love the underplayed style, the underlying tension and suggestion in all her novels.

She certainly had a way with words. Her quick wit and understanding of relationships has always astounded me. I can see that she has been a huge influence to you Niamh by your writing.

That’s a nice copy of Emma! 😀

IT is very special. It is a joy to hold and to read.

What a lovely gift. I think it’s a good time to read/re-read!

I will treasure this book forever. Enjoy rereading JA’s books.

What a legacy she left us! I visited Jane Austen House in Bath a few years ago and loved lingering but Chawton House has now been added to my destination list! It looks wonderful.

I haven’t been to Bath yet, but it is on my list. Visiting her house and touching the table she wrote on was an amazing experience.

What a lovely gift!
My vote is for Pride and Prejudice.
I especially enjoyed the most recent movie adaptation.

There have been some good one. Colin Firth is my favourite Mr. Darcy. He is exactly as I imagined him to be when I first read the book.

What a fabulous gift from a friend!! So thoughtful!

She is always so thoughtful.

I have never really read her stuff, just enough background to have something to say for exams(Eng/Am lit minor) in college over 40 years ago.

Sometimes making young people read the classics in college spoils it for them. I discovered her on my own and read her books simply for pleasure.

What a thoughtful and beautiful gift, and that cake is amazing! My dad’s reading Pride and Prejudice at the moment and it’s the first Jane Austen book he’s ever read so I’ll be interested to see how he finds it. I haven’t read everything she wrote but I do think Pride and Prejudice is a wonderful book (enhanced by Colin Firth as Mr Darcy in the TV adaptation).

Colin Firth is by far my most favourite Mr. Darcy. I hope your dad is enjoying P & P.

Gorgeous Emma. Lucky you, Darlene! I remember re-reading Pride and Prejudice at age 30 and being blown away…it didn’t affect me when I had to read it in high school, but by 30, I’d been in the world a bit. It remains my favorite.

I don’t think it is good highschool reading. 30 is a great age to read it. I am lucky to have the fab copy of Emma.

Well done 🙂

Thanks for the comment and for following my blog

Happy belated Birthday to you, too!

Thanks so much Georgette!

A lovely tribute, Darlene 🙂

Thanks Lada. It is fitting that I pay tribute to someone who has been a huge influence to me and so many others.

I agree, she is awesome – what a formidable woman and inspiration to so many.

What a beautiful book! I’d love to be able to savour all the pages. This is a lovely post – I’m glad I am back in bloggy land in time to see it. I think Emma is possibly my favourite Jane Austen book so its extra special that you featured that specific story!

Thanks Sharon. So happy to have you back. Emma is my favourite JA book as well. I am savouring every page.

Whenever I feel hamstrung by my writing block(s) and boulders, I pick up Austen or I watch a cinematic adaptation of one of her books, knit, and then my writing world finds balance. She inspires me. I think, with my copy of Jane Eyre, my copy of Pride & Prejudice fell apart in 1971!

She has inspired so many of us over the years. I think you need a new copy of P & P! I loved that our dear Jane appeared in Scarborough.

Wait ’til you see what happens in “Duet.”

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