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I’ve Been Sweater Cursed

Posted on: February 23, 2013

I’m being featured today on Leanne Dyck’s  blog The Sweater Curse . Talk about a cool name for a blogsite and a book!


Please welcome Author Darlene Foster


How/why did you start to write?
I have always written.  When I was a child growing up on a prairie farm, I would make up stories in my head.  In grade three, my teacher encouraged me to write my stories down.  She also encouraged me to travel and see the world.  This special woman made a huge difference in my life.  Through the wonders of social media, I was able to locate her a couple of years ago and thank her.
Read the rest of the interview and leave a comment if you wish:


Click on the picture to learn more about Leanne’s book.



19 Responses to "I’ve Been Sweater Cursed"

That was a fun interview, Darlene! 🙂

Thanks Lynn. It was fun.

Thanks for your interesting interview, Darlene. And for the shout out here. Oh, yes, and of course for the compliment. : )

You are most welcome and thank you for the great questions.

lovely interview. Great to learn more about you, and what a cool name for a blog.

Thanks. I love that blog name!

Loved the interview and will comment here. Thank you for sharing your writing journey.

Thanks for your comment. It is good to share the journey.

At first I was like ‘HUH???’ I thought you had an ugly sweater you were telling us about! 😀 Going to check out the interview!

Got you guessing didn’t I?

Yes, you did. That’s why you’re an author! 😀

Congrats on the feature, Darlene! 🙂

Congratulations Darlene, I enjoyed finding out more about you.

Great to hear from you Barbara!

Nice interview, and tag you’re it. You have to come and visit 🙂

I like your parting shot about never giving up on your dreams – excellent advice for all of us!

Thanks Lorna. We all need to be reminded from time to time.

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