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Flat Ruthie goes to the Circus

Posted on: January 14, 2013

Flat Ruthie and I had an amazing time this weekend. We attended Cirque du Soleil with my dear husband on Saturday evening.  It was amazing. From the moment we saw the big tent we got excited.  The performance was incredible, the costumes remarkable  and the music astounding.  We were transported into another world, one of magic, suspense, colour and incredible acts of human talent.


The performance we saw was Amaluna, based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest.  To see some video clips, visit the website http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/amaluna/tickets/vancouver.aspx This will give you a glimpse of what we experienced.


The entire evening was a lot of fun. We took the sky train downtown and then walked to the site. After the show we walked back to the station. Lady Gaga was in town for a performance and the streets were full of Gaga fans all dressed up. It was wonderful to be amongst them and to feel the energy. I stopped to compliment a couple of young girls dressed for the show. We picked up fish and chips on the way home to complete the evening.  The tickets were a Christmas gift from me to my husband.  It turned out to be a perfect gift as he thoroughly enjoyed the performance as well as the company of me and Flat Ruthie!

DSC02971 (2)

We don’t do things like this very often so it made it very special.

Is there anything you do once in a while that is extra special?

26 Responses to "Flat Ruthie goes to the Circus"

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Flat Ruthie is one lucky flat! What a fun time. Thanks for posting. I put it up on Cardboardmetravels.com. Thanks Darlene. You are a terrific host!

Thanks. Hosting Flat Ruthie has been such a pleasure.

What a lovely Christmas gift for your husband Darlene. I have yet to go to one of these Circus Performances. They come here every year.

You must make it a point to go one day. They are truly amazing.

Your husband will not forget this gift, Darlene. Great photos!
Blessings ~ Maxi

Thanks Maxi. He has been telling everyone about how much he enjoyed it.

What a wonderful opportunity and love the photos. I have never seen Cirque but virtually everyone who has raves about it!

I hope you get an opportunity to see it as you will love it!

I’ve never seen them live but those performers are truly amazing, aren’t they? It must have been incredible to see it all happening in front of you.

We will be talking about this for some time.

It’s fun having adventures with Flat Ruthie!

A date night! Always a special time. And what a wonderful venue. I think Lady Gaga chose that night to visit Vancouver just to help you have an unforgettable time.

It was pretty special. I would have liked to have had a glimpse of Lady Gaga but all the look alikes were fun to see. Thanks for stopping by!

It sounds like everyone had a great time, including Ruthie.

We did have a great time!

Cirque Du Soleil is so brilliant! It is beyond me why I don’t do things like go to see more wonderful shows and art more often. Time and money, I suppose. But always so enjoyable when the effort is made. I saw some ballet recently. And it was so wonderful and made me fall in love with ballet all over again.

We don’t do these things nearly enough either but when we do it is extra special!

Love the photos, Darlene! Sounds like a marvelous time. I’ve never been to Cirque Du Soleil, but who knows maybe one day I will. 🙂

I hope you have an opportunity to attend a performance as it is magical!

I’ve always wanted to see Cirque De Sol!!! It’s great that you brought your flat friend!!! 🙂

I know you would enjoy Cirque Du Soleil!

They often come to the Casino down here. I keep missing them though!

We had a “flat Stanley” in our family. Stanley even had the fun of a trip to Europe, via my brother and his wife. Stanley loved to travel!!

Flat Ruthie loves to travel as well. We are pleased she wanted to visit the west coast of Canada.

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