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The right shoe only please

Posted on: December 21, 2012


Those of you who know me well, know how much I love shoes.  I have a nice collection of shoes and some great shoe stories.  I tend to buy at least one pair of shoes wherever I travel to and if I travel to Spain it is more like 3 pairs. I am also not very tall so I always wear heels to add some height.

I damaged my left ankle when I was in Spain this fall when I missed the bottom step at the apartment we were staying in.  When I returned home two weeks later, I had it x-rayed and discovered I had broken it on both sides. This required an operation to bolt it back together with 7 screws. I was in a plaster cast for 2 weeks and then an air cast (boot) for the past 8 weeks. I returned to work after the plaster cast was removed and  managed to do my book signings and presentations as planned.  The only thing is, I have only been able to wear a right shoe.  My husband thought it was very funny when I had only right shoes lined up ready to wear.  So he took a picture.

When we visited Fort Lauderdale a year ago, I found the perfect shoe in my size. Unfortunately the sales clerk couldn’t find the mate to the shoe. I even went back the next day to see if they found the other shoe but they hadn’t. I was heartbroken as I really wanted to buy that pair of shoes.  Since it was the right shoe on display, I wish I had purchased it as I would be able to wear it now!  (but who knew?)


New sensible shoes

The orthopedic surgeon has informed me I can start wearing shoes on both feet again, but not heels, which is all I own.  So I had to invest in some sensible shoes. They are Ok but they don’t make me look or feel any taller.

I am happy to report that I am on the mend and hope to be back to normal by the new year.  In the meantime I have a few pairs of shoes  in which the right shoe is much more worn than the left. I could have worse problems, I know.

Do you have any funny shoe stories to share?

30 Responses to "The right shoe only please"

I think that’s so funny your hubby took a picture of your right foot shoes LOL. I’m glad you’re able to use 2 shoes now and hope you’re feeling much better. Have a lovely Christmas 🙂

Thanks Lisa. Wishing you a wonderful Christmas as well.

Your poor foot, it sounds most uncomfortable, not to say painful and hugely inconvenient, but I’m glad to hear you’re getting back to normal now. I used to have a pair of Josef Siebel shoes not unlike those sensible ones of yours but I don’t know what happened to them. I also love shoes and have some wonderful high heels that I sadly can’t wear any more because I have a bad back. I still take them out and look at them from time to time though. 🙂

Joseph Siebel shoes are very good but expensive. I was lucky to get those on sale. I believe I will wear them for a long time. Sorry to hear you can’t wear your lovely high heel shoes anymore.

haha…Spain does have wonderful shoes, don’t they?
How painful for you to wait to get home to be treated. Good to hear you’re on the mend and sorry to hear you can only wear “sensible” shoes. Cute shoes are such fun to wear.

My doctor assures me I wil be able to wear my cute shoes again, just not for awhile.

I like to buy shoes when I travel too! I’m sure you’ll still be able to find stylish shoes, but maybe not what you’re used to… You’ll just have to do a lot of shopping to find that perfect pair of shoes 🙂

I have been shopping and found a couple of pairs of cute, flat boots so I feel a bit better about it.

So glad, you’re on the mend, Darlene! Don’t want to be a stick-in-the-mud but wearing a lot of high heels can lead to some fairly uncomfortable problems later on in life, bunions, hip and back problems, just to name a few. I know, I know, high heels look really good and wearing them occasionally is okay. Okay, now I shut up and wish you speedy recovery, so you can buy some nice new shoes, and a very happy and peaceful Holiday Season!

Thanks Christa. I don’t wear very high heels anymore. It is just nice to add a couple of inches to my five feet. I know one must be carefull about footwear. Have a wonderful Christmas as well. XO

My funny shoe story was how, many years ago, I ended up with a size mismatched pair of boots (1 a size 8 and the other an 8 1/2). Don and I went outdoor skating in Hawrelak Park (Edmonton). After the skate I went to put my boot on and soon realized that someone, with the same boot, had taken off with one of mine and one of theirs. I wore those boots for many years but it never failed to rankle.

That is a very funny story, one I don’t believe you shared with me before. Thanks! XO

I hope you don’t mind me laughing, Darlene! Sorry to hear your ankle was broken, but…it’s just so funny that someone who loves shoes is only allowed to wear one. Could make a good character in a story!

So glad you got a chuckle out of this Steven. This would make a good character in a story!

I’m sorry to hear about your ankle. 😦 Glad you are better!

Thanks Erik. You don’t realize how important your feet are until you can’t use one for awhile.

That was some souvenir you brought home, Darlene. The gift that keeps on giving! I’m glad to hear your ankle is on its way to being well. I’m sure the left foot is anxious to get into those cute shoes. 🙂 I like cute shoes, as long as they are comfortable. Merry Christmas!

Cute and comfortable is the key! It was quite a souvenir for sure! Thanks Patti.

Good story, Darlene. Glad you are on the mend.
Blessings ~ Maxi

Thanks Maxi! Wishing you teh best in the New year!

Jung would say that shoes tell us a lot about hidden aspects of someone’s personality! I will leave it up to you to work out the meaning…I have nominated you for the Blog Of The Year Award 2012. I hope you will accept. But there is no obligation, other than to enjoy the nomination! Well done! Please come and see your nomination on my blog!

Thanks Niamh. In fact I do feel like a different person now that I can’t wear my signature shoes! Dr. Jung may have something there. Thanks for your support and friendship over the past year. It means a lot.

I have a pretty big footwear collection, but mainly from used clothing shops – it’s amazing what beautiful shoes you can get for $7! A friend of my mother’s bought one boot at the Salvation Army one time, and continues to look for its mate! Happy holidays – I’m sure you can wear heels once or twice during the week!

I love your single boot story. I have also picked up great shoes at thrift and consignment stores. Have a wonderful holiday yourself Jan and a fabulous 2013!!

Glad to hear you’re mending (even if you’re not quite in those fancy shoes yet). I’ve been wracking my brain for funny shoe stories, but I’m not coming up with any. (I’ll likely think of one in the middle of the night…)

Thnaks so much Beth. Have a wonderul Christmas and a great new year!! I will be happy to hear your shoe story at any time of the day.

Glad to hear you were still able to meet your commitments, Darlene. I know how much you enjoy book signings. 🙂

No shoe stories to tell. I’m really not a shoe person. Never have been. I probably own less shoes than most people. But I could probably make up a story about shoes. 😉

I am sure you could make up a few great shoe stories Laura! Happy writing in 2013!!

Hope your foot stops hurting soon, Darlene! Happy holidays to you and your family. {Alas, I have no special shoe stories … just that as much as I like looking at heels, I can’t walk in them. I love loafers and ballet pumps and sandals, though.}

There are many cute loafers, ballet pumps and sandals too! Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!

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