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Posted on: November 12, 2012

When I travel, I love looking in the shop windows. I like to see what is popular in other countries. Years ago, when I worked in retail, I often created the store window displays. I enjoyed that part of the job a lot so it is fun to observe the creation of other window display artists.  Our latest trip had many great window displays that I would like to share with you. The pictures are not always the best as shooting through glass has its limits.

Hats for sale, Regensburg, Germany

Hats for men. Regensburg, Germany

Steiff Toys, Vienna, Austria

I was delighted to find a store that sold Steiff toys. I used to sell these toys when I worked at a gift shop years ago.

Steiff is the home of the original Teddy Bear, named after Theodore Roosevelt after he visited the factory and commented on how the bears looked a lot like him. My children have a nice collection of these adorable stuffed animals.

I also sold Hummel Figures in that same gift store owned by a wonderful German woman.  I discovered this display in Vienna as well.

A  display of children’s traditional drindl dresses in Vienna, Austria

Store window, Budapest, Hungary

I love checking out the shoe store windows in other cities. There were some wild displays in Budapest!

Shoes, Budapest

Do you enjoy looking at the shop windows when travelling?

31 Responses to "Shop Windows"

That’s very pretty darlene, a nice share. Did you know there’s a store in Ladner that still sells Hummels?

Thanks Lisa. It was great to see you yesterday. Did you have a nice time with your niece? Where in Ladner can you buy Hummel figures?

Absolutely charming! I remember taking pictures of some Mexican wooden toys–just couldn’t bring all that stuff home, but I have the slide–it was some years back.

That is so true. If you cannot afford to buy the things, or don’t have room for them in yoru luggage, at least you have the picture as a good memory.

I like looking in shop windows all the time!

You can get great ideas just looking in shop windows.

Love the hats. Hate the dolls – think dolls are creepy! Great photos though. And yes, love shop windows. My husband is not necessarily so keen…..

I am sure a creepy doll will show up in one of your amazing stories.(If it hasn’t already!)

Ugh – horrible! Not written about creepy dolls directly yet. But my sister used to collect them. Shared a bedroom with her and 150 of the things when I was a child. No wonder I’m a bit weird!

Fantastic! I love looking at shop displays, and of course there’ the actual shopping too 🙂

Oh yes, the actual shopping. Love it! Because of my broken ankle I wasn’t able to try on shoes this time.

Good job, Darlene. Like the Hummel figures.
Blessings ~ Maxi

I love them too. I own 2 of them myself. They are considerably more expensive now than when I sold them.

Love the bear!

The bear was amazing. I didn’t dare look at the price tag.

I love the hats! and the toys! Great photos, they really give a glimpse into the culture. 🙂

Thanks Jackie. Store windows can tell a lot about a place.

These are lovely – I also like taking photos of shop windows – when I was quite young I went through a phase of wanting to be a window dresser! I really enjoyed seeing the children’s clothes – it reminded me so much of the time I spent in Austria.

We did enjoy Austria a lot. How long where you there? I loved creating the store windows at the gift shop. I won a prize for one of them!

I loved seeing the windows – you did a great job taking the pictures and making them interesting!


Thanks Nancy! I am nowhere near the photographer you are so I am flattered that you think they are good.

They don’t have to be as good as mine to be enjoyable. Mine improved because I was doing the daily challenge and undertook to improve my technique. It’s still fun to take the photos and share them. Don’t worry if you’re as good as someone else. Passion counts for a lot.

The Budapest window with the blue is so pretty. That would draw me inside. I haven’t heard of Steiff bears in awhile, glad to see they are still making them. Crazy shoes can be found everywhere! lol

It is so cool that everyone liked different things in the windows. I love finding crazy shoes!!

These are gorgeous window displays and make me wish I was back in Europe.:) I have often done the window displays for the shops I have worked in over the years. I love doing it. I took a few photos of the shop window displays in Prague the last time we were there.

Pictures of the shop windows make great souveniers. I am sure you made wonderful window displays Diane.

Wonderful photos Darlene, thank you for sharing them. My first job after leaving school (many, many years ago) was to ‘dress the windows’ in our local haberdashery shop. I had so much fun with all the brightly-coloured fabrics, buttons and the like. I had forgotten all about it until I read your post.

It was many years ago when I did the shop windows for the gift shop, but it was fun. Glad I brought back a good memory!

Love the photos, Darlene! Thanks for sharing them. You’ve been to so many wonderful places. Are you planning a trip to the east coast anytime?

what an amazing store! i love the hats 🙂

I am just like you, Darlene. You can learn a lot about a place while window shopping.

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