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The LOOK Challenge

Posted on: November 5, 2012

A cool blogger friend of mine, Jennifer at The Secret Keeper offered the LOOK challenge to me and I have accepted it as I thought it was a lot of fun. Check out The Secret Keeper for amazing poetry and video clips as well as a variety of well written topics and discussions. She will make you think.

Here are the rules for the LOOK Challenge:

Search your manuscript for the word “look,” and then copy the surrounding paragraphs into a post.

Give a little background on the scene if you’d like.

Here is mine from my latest book Amanda in England-The Missing Novel

Amanda and Leah have just arrived on the Isle of Wight:

              When they arrived on the island later that afternoon, Leah’s dad treated them to a delicious fish and chip dinner. Amanda laughed as she read out the menu, “Mushy peas- yuk. Toad in the hole? Spotted dick? That can’t be real! I think I will stick with fish and chips, thank you.”

            After dinner they walked down the cobblestone streets of Cowes, passing a shop with interesting used books in the window.

            “Can we please stop and have a look in here?” asked Amanda.

            “It’s only books.” Leah kept walking.

             “But I love books and these look way cool.”

             “Why don’t you girls stop in here, while I visit the shop next door to purchase some fittings for the boat.”

              Amanda was in her element.  The dusty old store had books piled up right to the ceiling.  The shelves looked like they would topple over from the weight of the volumes. The many stacks on the floor leaned to the left and to the right.  The place smelled like old, well-worn novels. 

             Amanda loved books so much and had a nice collection.  If there was ever a fire in her house, she would throw her books out first before she jumped out of the window.  Fortunately her bedroom was on the ground floor.

              Leah browsed in the romance section. Amanda drifted to a vintage section where her eyes lighted upon a copy of Vicky and Alice.  Her great-aunt Amelia had a series of these delightful books about two Victorian sisters.  She would let Amanda read them when she visited.  But, she hadn’t seen this one before, Vicky and Alice at the Seashore. Amanda laughed at the picture of the girls in bathing suits that covered most of their bodies.

                The price, written in pencil, was three pounds. 

                “I found a book I want to buy. It’s a real gem!”

                  Leah wasn’t as excited about it, but smiled politely.  She had a fashion magazine in her hand. “I think I’ll get this.”

                 They gave their money to a man reading at a desk in the middle of the room.  He was as dishevelled as the rest of the store, with unkempt grey hair and round glasses that sat at the end of his nose.  A large, snoring tabby cat took over the only part of the desk that was not piled high with books and papers.

                “Don’t mind Rupert,” said the gentleman.  “He just likes to be around books. He’ll do you no harm.”

                “A good purchase,” he said as he rang in the Vicky and Alice book. “These are hard to come by these days.” He almost smiled at Amanda.

 Tag 5 other writers who are working on, or who have completed a manuscript.

The authors I have tagged are:

Laura Best

Clarika Bowman

Beth Stillborn

Sandra MacLeod Humphrey

Pat Wood

Hope you have fun with this!

Here is what I did on Halloween

Jane Austen having the Doctor fix her foot

8 Responses to "The LOOK Challenge"

Now I’m hungry! I love mushy peas, and toad in the hole, and fish ‘n’ chips… Also love old bookshops. This is delightful!

Thanks for tagging me! Unfortunately, I have nothing published that I can share from. Thanks anyway!

Glad you enjoyed it Beth. It doesn’t have to be anything published, it can be a work in progress as well or even an interesting blog post. (yours are all interesting)

There are so many bits of Amanda in England that made me smile – this is one of them –

Amanda loved books so much and had a nice collection. If there was ever a fire in her house, she would throw her books out first before she jumped out of the window. Fortunately her bedroom was on the ground floor.

That is exactly what I would do – but sadly – I don’t live on the ground floor.

That was exactly what I would do too and we do live on the ground floor. I remember thinking this thought when I was a young girl. So glad the book made you smile.

Cool! I think I could find the word look in my WIP… Let me take a look! 😉

That is very funny. If you take a look and find the word look, you should do a LOOK challenge too.

Loved your extract Darlene – it looks(!) like such a fun book to read and Amanda is definitely a kindred spirit! Nice to see you in your Jane Austen guise again – I don’t think I’d be smiling with that sort of treatment though!

So glad you liked the extract Sharon. Many sem to relate to Amanda. It that a smile on my face or a grimace??

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