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Book Launch & Meeting People

Posted on: October 22, 2012

Albany Books

The launch for Amanda in England-the Missing Novel was held on Saturday at our wonderful local bookstore, Albany Books.  Thank you to everyone who showed up in person or in spirit.  I had a wonderful time, was treated very well by the staff and showered with good wishes from fans old and new. After the successful launch, my dear husband treated me to a fish & chip dinner at Rob’s Fish & Chips. A fitting way to celebrate a book about England.


Then today, Sunday, I volunteered to tend the  Federation of BC Writer’s table at the Surrey International Writer’s Conference.  Some wonderful people stopped by such as Carol Garvin. We have been following each other’s blog for almost two years, but have never met. Carol is just as nice in person as she is on her blog! Ruth Kozak, Kimberley Alcock, Sharon Edelmeier and many others stopped by.  I was lucky to be seated next to Joie Carlton who writes hilarious travel books and makes unique beaded book marks. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces. Diana Gabaldon gave me a nice warm smile as she walked by.

So it was a very good weekend for me. How was your weekend?.

21 Responses to "Book Launch & Meeting People"

So pleased your launch was successful Darlene, and you met so many wonderful people. Loved that your hubby treated you to fish and chips, that’s cool! Albany looks like a lovely book store and I see you were showered with flowers by a small fan…lovely!
I had a successful weekend writing, gardening and painting the deck. Also managed to buy a cocktail dress for an awards evening….. all in all a good weekend.

Thanks Diane. It sounds like you had a wonderful weekend too.

Congratulations Darlene! And what a lovely setting for your book launch. It sounds like you had a great weekend… 🙂

It is a lovely, warm and welcoming bookstore. Perfect for my book launch. Thanks Meg.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, Darlene! I’m so glad the launch went well — you were in my thoughts. Fish ‘n’ chips afterwards? Perfect! Meeting all the writerly people sounds wonderful as well.

My weekend was much less dramatic — but good in its own way. And I had a lovely visit with friends in the grocery store, and learned that she’d had successful surgery for a hole in her heart, and is doing well, so that was very good.

It is always a good weekend when you hear good news from a friend.Thanks for thinking of me Beth.

Congratulations Darlene! Sounds like a perfect weekend too. I’d like to get the Amanda in Spain for my niece. 🙂

Thanks Lisa. Albany Books has all my books. If you would liek me to sign it, we could meet for a coffee.

Congratulations, Darlene, and may this just be the beginning of great things for both you and your new book!

Thanks so much for those good wishes Sandra.

What a cool post! Congrats on the book launch! 🙂

Congrats, Darlene!

Hi Darlene! I gave you The Booker Award. It’s pretty awesome. Check it out: http://ladaray.wordpress.com/2012/10/23/i-received-the-booker-award/

Thanks! It is pretty awesome and I have passed it on.

Congratulations Darlene – you really are going from strength to strength. What a wonderful weekend!

Thanks Sharon. If this is a dream, don’t wake me up!

I wish you every success, Darlene…(from us all over here in England)

Thanks so much. I love hearing from all you good folks in England!

Congratulations Darlene, a successful book launch and fish & chips – perfect!

It was a perfect day for me. Thanks Barbara.

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