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Eating in Europe

Posted on: October 11, 2012

My husband thinks it is amusing that I take pictures of the food we eat while travelling.  But I find it is part of the good memories. And we ate some great food on the latest trip to Europe.  The first fabulous meal was at Cafe Opera in Altea, Spain. I had  been to Cafe Opera once 8 years ago.  Both experiences have been wonderful and I was pleased to see it had not changed.  The cafe overlooks the Mediterranean and the large outdoor seating area is surrounded by greenery.  The tablecloths are decorated with sheet music and the menu, in four languages, looks like the program for an opera performance.  The staff is very friendly and efficient.  Inside the café, the walls are decorated with musical instruments and drawings of composers.  But the best part is the food.  I had a Beethoven salad eight years ago which was amazing. This time I opted for the Tchaikovsky salad and was not disappointed.   I savoured every morsel.  The bill came in a delightful small music box. 

The meals on the Sound of Music were incredible as well.  There was something for everyone’s tastes and so nicely presented.  The highlight was always the desserts.  Here are a couple of examples.

Orange cheese cake

We love to search out cute little tea/coffee shops wherever we go.  We found this adorable tea shop in La Manga, Spain



And we found many wonderful coffee shops in in Vienna, including one that served generous portions of ice cream. 

Ice cream in Vienna

Since we have returned home it has been difficult to not have dessert three times a day!  We have been eating the fabulous gingerbread we brought back from Nuremberg, Germany sparingly, to make it last.

Gingerbread Bakery stall, Nuremberg market

Writing this post has made me hungry. There must be some German chocolate around here somewhere.


12 Responses to "Eating in Europe"

I am so a dessert person that I would have returned 200 pounds heavier. Thanks for the great photos and Welcome Home!

I am afraid we both put on a few pounds. But it was worth it.

Never underestimate the importance of food! – a great meal can make an occasion (or holiday in a case like this!) This all looks so delicious I don’t blame you for wanting to capture the memories – and you look so wonderfully relaxed and happy as well!!

We both really needed this holiday and yes, we were relaxed and happy. After 35 years we still travel well together!

Love your photographs, and capturing meals on film is a good way to keep the memories alive.

The food, the setting, the presentation, very unique and inviting. Makes me wanna reach in and take a bite. You added charm your own charm, Darlene. Lovely.
Blessings ~ Maxi

I’m not surprised you photographed the food – everything looks like a work of art!
I love the fact the bill came in a music box, what an inspired idea.

Did you have schnitzel with noodles on the cruise ship? 🙂

I didn’t but my husband did and he said it was wonderful. He also had the Hungarian Goulash in Budapest.

ooohhh everything looks yum! I am so enjoying your review of your trip and photos, more please….lol.

The food looks great! I love trying food from different countries/cultures! 🙂

Me too. I bet you had soem great food in New Mexico. Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

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