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The Sound of Music

Posted on: October 9, 2012

Our cruise down the Danube River was amazing. Our boat The Sound of Music was very comfortable and we were treated royally by the staff of Gate 1 Travel. The scenes along the river were out of a storybook.

The Sound of Music river cruise boat

What wonderful memories we have of this incredible trip!


20 Responses to "The Sound of Music"

Wow Darlene – you really travelled in style! What a wonderful trip – it must have been absolutely magical watching that scenery float by. I love the photos from the movie that were used to decorate the cruise boat (I spent some time in Salzburg when I was younger where the Sound of Music was filmed). Austria is beautiful.

It was indeed magical. We didn’t get to Salzburg this time but I loved Vienna and the Austrian countryside.

What a wonderful trip. I can see why you both had such a good time.

Very cool. It looks beautiful there.

WOW–we are all so there with you!

The scenery looks wonderful! And I have to admit it would add to the delight for me to be on a ship called “The Sound of Music” !

P.S. Will Amanda be going on a cruise next? 😉

Looks like an amazing trip!!! I can imagine the memories that you have!!!!

Lovely scenery and pix of the boat, Darlene. How long does the Danube cruise last?

They vary. Ours was a nine day cruise.

Looks gorgeous Darlene, good for you guys!

Oh wow, I know I would have loved this. We were actually on a boat called “the William Tell” for a night which was very similar to this one, because there was a Trade Fair on in Frankfurt and there were no rooms at any of the hotels.

You could have nothing but pleasure on this classy boat, Darlene. Love the name, and the “blue room.” (my favorite color)
Blessings to you both ~ Maxi

Looks amazing!

Thanks for letting us share this trip with you.

Looks wonderful. I have always wanted to go on a cruise but it seems like I am the only one in this couple of two. lol
so it won’t be anytime soon. 🙂

What a great name for your boat! And it’s wonderful to see a castle from the water… 🙂

Incredible photos, Darlene. Thanks for sharing. I love water and boats, so this looked like a dream trip.

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