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Trains, Planes, Boats and Automobiles

Posted on: September 28, 2012

I’m back after a most enjoyable holiday with my dear husband. We visited five countries via seven flights,one train ride, a rental car and a river boat cruise. We saw ancient castles, interestuing museums, abbeys, cathedrales, beaches and many pastry shops. Over the next few weeks I plan to share some of our adventures.

To breifly summarize, we flew from Vancouver to London, then on to Madrid, Spain where we caught a train to Alicante, Spain. There we picked up a rental car and drove to Orihuela Costa, on the Costa Blanca, where we spent five days with my in-laws. We had not seen them for three years so it was great to spend some time together. We did some day trips and chilled out at the many beaches. After a very busy and stressful year, I needed this.

We returned the car to Alicante and boarded a plane to Dussledorf, Germany and then on to Nuremberg, Germany. It was there that we joined the Sound of Music river cruise that took us down the Danube to Budapest, Hungary, stopping at many interesting spots including Vienna, Austria. I still can’t believe I visited all these places I had often read about in books. We learned so much more about the culture and the history. Along the way we met many amazing people and ate too much of the local food. Every country tries to outdo the other when it comes to pastries.

Another dream come true for this girl!!

I wanted to share a few pictures but wordpress wouldn’t let me.  I have posted some on my facebook page


More to come…..

18 Responses to "Trains, Planes, Boats and Automobiles"

What? You tried to see the whole world in one trip? LOL What an adventure, Darlene! I hope to hear more stories about this, and sample those pastries! Off to see the photos!

Hello Darlene, welcome back! What a wonderful trip. I’ve just visited your Facebook page & sent a friends request as I would love to see your pictures.
Amanda in England arrived a few days ago. I just have to finish what I’m reading, and then it’s on to Amanda – can’t wait!

Thanks Barbara. Would love to hear what you think of Amanda’s adventures in England.

Welcome back, Darlene!!! It sounds like a perfect trip!!! I can’t wait to go see the pictures!!! Sounds like such a wonderful time and I am sure you have many stories and memories to share!! Look forward to reading about some of them!!!

So jealous, but happy for you. And I will have good mind trip as you post more.

Sounds as if you had a wonderful trip, Darlene. You visited all those places we see in the movies, ate those delicious pastries, had a pleasant visit with family.

I’m surprised that you were not able to post photos through WP; I have done so for a long time without any problems.

Blessings to you ~ Maxi

Thanks Maxi. Not sure what is going on with WP as I have been posting pictures up to now. IT baffles me from time to time.

Welcome Home and what an amazing trip–looking forward to seeing your px!

A Sound of Music cruise sounds enchanting! Those pictures I look forward to see. 🙂

All sounds brilliant 🙂

Cool! Glad you are back safe!

Your trip sounds awesome. It’s great to travel. It brings things into perspective.

Of course I’ll add my note of envy here. What a wonderful experience, being able to see so many wonderful countries.

One day I hope to visit your country Dean. It is high on my list.

Lovely to have you back – Sounds like you had a fabulous trip!

Seems like a dream now. Glad I have the pictures to remind me.

Sounds wonderful, Darlene. A dream trip, indeed. 🙂

Sorry I’m late welcoming you back from your trip, but they say better late than never. Maybe one day I’ll get caught up.

You trip sounds wonderful. I look forward to seeing more photos. 🙂

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