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Farewell to Andy

Posted on: September 5, 2012

It was Andy’s last weekend with us.  We were invited for tea at a friend’s place where he had an enjoyable time and made some new friends.

We enjoyed our tea and freshly made cranberry scones, with homemade jams, under the lovely grape arbour.

Andy made friends with Odie the cat and Blue the dog


He also explored my friend’s wonderful garden where he met pixies and another cat who didn’t move.


Andy and Monkey the cat finally started to get friendly. Monkey was even willing to share her toy with him!

The time has come for Andy to go home.  He has had a good time on the west coast of Canada, but even armadillos get homesick.  We are packing  him up as we pack up to leave for a seventeen-day trip to Europe. You won’t be hearing much from me for the next three weeks.  I will miss all my blogging friends, but there will be reports of our travels and pictures when we return. 

Thanks for following Andy’s adventures with us and thanks Lenore Diane for letting Andy be our guest for the past few weeks.  I can’t wait to hear of his next exploits.

Andy and Rupert the Maine Coon cat, by one of my many piles of TBR  books.

28 Responses to "Farewell to Andy"

what fun. have a wonderful trip.

Hope you have a wonderful time Darlene. We will miss you while you are away but look forward to hearing all about the trip on your return.

There will be pictures (and stories I’m sure)

Lovely pictures. I love the cat rock. It’s getting my creative mind thinking. My little boy loves cats, and his kitten (now one) looks like Monkey. He’s love a painted cat rock to add to his growing collection of cat figurines.

Have a great trip. I think September travelling is the best. Certainly around Canada the rates are better.

Wonderful photos, Darlene. Have a great time on your trip.
Blessings ~ Maxi

Having Andy looks like a great experience, and I absolutely love the pixies in the garden. Have a wonderful trip, Darlene. 🙂

Andy probably doesn’t want to leave as you treated him a wonderful time. However, all good things come to an end. Happy travels, Andy.

I’m so looking forward to our next adventure together Sheila!

Piles of new books make me happy. Have a wonderful time in Europe! I’m so jealous.

Andy, we’ll miss you! And, Darlene, have a wonderful time and we’ll miss you too!

I’m glad I’m not the only one with a stack of books TBR! Wasn’t Andy a fun house guest? He’s made so many new friends. Can’t wait to find out where he is off to next.

Enjoy your trip!

Thank you so much everyone for your good wishes and for following Andy and his adventures here on the west coast.

Have a wonderful time, Darlene. Bring back lots of stories and photos! (Blue looks quite long-suffering about his relationship with Andy!)

Ah, going to miss little Andy. Have a wonderful trip Darlene!

My daughter is doing an academic exchange in Dijon, France this year so we hope to visit her in the spring – I’ll look forward to reading your posts and looking for tips! Have a lovely trip!

Too, too cute. I love Odie the cat! I have really enjoyed your ‘Andy’ posts – it is a great idea. Have a wonderful holiday!

Odie is very cute. A few minuites after I took the picture, he ran up a tree and stayed there for awhile before he carefully climbed down. Too funny.

Hi – I’d like to nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award.
Do pop over and check out my Fluffy Moments Page tomorrow and you will find the details.

Thnaks for the award Pat. I will do something with it when I return from my travels

I’m sad to see Andy go! Have a wonderful holiday, I will look forward to reading all about it.

Oh that sweet yellow lab looks like mine including the rust coloring. She’s been gone 25 years now but is ever present in my thoughts.

They make such wonderful companions. My daughter’s boyfriend comes with one as well. I call him my step- granddog

looks like you and Andy had a wonderful farewell tea.

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