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This Little Armadillo Goes to Market

Posted on: August 27, 2012

Today Andy went with me to the Ladner Village Market where we had tons of fun.  He helped me pick out a cute whale stuffy with a matching book at Stephanie MacPherson’s table; a Christmas gift for a special little someone.   Stephanie creates wonderful stuffed animals and soft cover books that tell a story about the animal. Her business is called Stephanimals  Andy wanted to make friends with all the stuffies.

Stephanie and her creations

We couldn’t resit buying two Bakewell tarts to take home for tea with hubby.  Being British, these bring back fond memories for him.  Andy seems to like his sweets as well.  There were many stalls of fresh baking which were difficult to pass by.

Many people were out at the market which is a popular event every other Sunday in the summer.  Great music, beautiful flowers, pottery, interesting garden stones and fresh farm produce were in abundance.  I came home laden with many goodies.

We had a wonderful barbeque later with grilled patty pan squash, eggplant, cherry tomatoes and yellow peppers, roasted fingerling potatoes with fresh garlic, and coleslaw. All items bought at the market, with Andy’s help. Yummy!

Andy is not burried in the peppers if that is what you were thinking!

Ladner is a quaint village ten minutes from where I live.  I love to go to the Sunday market in the summer whenever I can.

Do you have a market near you where you can browse crafts, baking and produce?

25 Responses to "This Little Armadillo Goes to Market"

I love markets and have been to several over the years. Unfortunately, the closest is at least 40 minutes away. The best I’ve been to is the one at Port Royal, NS. And for lunch, an old English-style pub sits right in the middle of it. Thanks for the wonderful pictures.

A market wit a pub in the middle, how wonderful. I have been to a couple like that in England.

I think Andy’s getting around a lot more than I am! Great post!

he does get around and knows how to have a good time. I would of course show you the same hospitality should you come for a visit.

So when is Andy turning into a book?

Now there is an idea. You never know. Thanks Katherine!

Warm Bakewell tart with custard – my idea of heaven! Great ‘photos, thanks for sharing them.

I thought you would enjoy the Bakewell tart Barbara!

Andy must be feeling right at home in Vancouver right about now.

He is have a great time and goes everywhere with us.

You are enjoying some lovely weather, eh? These pictures are wonderful. I love the colorful shot of the peppers. And, of course, I liked the shots of Andy. 🙂

Andy has lucked out with the weather. Does he know where he is going next?

Andy is getting to see and do all kinds of fun things! Isn’t he the conversationalist? Maybe he’ll write his own book of all his journeys one day.

He may have to hire a ghost writer to do that.

Andy sure stands out amid all the big stuffies, Darlene. So wish I was at the market with you.
Blessings – Maxi

It would be fun to go to a market with you Maxi!

Very cute. I suspect Andy will not want to leave he is having such a great time with you!

We are giving him as good a time as possible as he will be going home soon.

I am glad you are enjoying your time with our friendly armadillo. Where is he off to next?

Andy is getting homesick so he will be going home soon.

Those pies are looking amazing Andy!

Hubby and I enjoyed them very much with our tea that evening. They were very yummy and brought back childhood memories for Paul.

I miss Andy but am so glad he is having such a great time with you! I love farmers markets–we have several here that I go to and they always make me smile!

We’re missing Andy and wondering where he’s off to next.

Thanks for visiting Georgette. Andy has gone home for now. We miss him too.

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