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Andy at The Night Market

Posted on: August 20, 2012

Andy joined me at the Heart of Ladner Night Market where I had a table promoting my books.  The night market is held once a year and is a fund raiser for The Delta Hospice.  It is a wonderful family event.  Live entertainment, face painting, a bouncy castle, fresh produce, jewelry, various local artists displaying their wares as well as tasty treats are featured. Across the way from my table was a vendor selling Turkish coffee and baklava (yummy).  For dinner I had sushi and my husband had samosas.  There is something for everyone. Many young families with toddlers, babies in strollers and tweens were about, as well as grandparents and other seniors.  I was amazed at how many  dogs, of all shapes and sizes, attended.  (all on a leash and some in strollers)

Three puppies attending the Ladner NIght Market


Andy and my dear husband helped sell books.  Andy soon became friends with Ali Baba the camel and Pedro the pony, all very popular with the kids.


There was a lot of interest in my newest book Amanda in England-The Missing Novel. One woman wants to buy one for her 88 year old aunt who loves reading about England. How sweet. A draw was held for a free copy as soon as it arrives from the printer. It was great to see many people out, having a good time and stopping by to chat.  I hope everyone who bought  Amanda books, enjoys reading them.


Andy had a good time, made many new friends and was greeted by one of the organizers of the event, Michael from Open Space Yoga.

I was pleased to be part of this local event and thank the organizers for doing such a fabulous job.

Andy’s adventures on the west coast of Canada continues……….

21 Responses to "Andy at The Night Market"

I wish I could have attended; it looks like a fun day. I’m longing to read Amanda in England, so must go and see if it’s available on Amazon.

Thanks Barbara. It was an event you would love! The book should be on Amazon by now, if not it will be soon. Let me know what you think.

Hi Darlene, I keep calling in at Amazon but can only find it for the Kindle (I don’t have one), is it/will it be out in paperback?

It always takes a bit longer for the book to be on Amazon in paperback. It is out though so it shouldn’t be too much longer. I could always mail one to you if you would like. Thanks so much for your interest.

It sounds like a wonderful time, Darlene. And your table looks fabulous. That’s a great idea to have a giveaway for your upcoming book. It will help generate a buzz before it gets here.

THanks Diane. I thought it would get people thinking about it and it was fun.

Too adorable. It would have been fun to sit at the table with Andy. Hopefully the event was a great success.

I wish you all the luck with your books, Darlene, now and in the future.

Blessings – Maxi

The dogs in the stroller are funny! They don’t look that small. I can’t believe the stroller is large enough to hold three.
I echo Maxi’s sentiment, I hope you do well with the books. Here’s to your latest release!
Thank you for continuing to show Andy a wonderful time.

They make some pretty heavy duty strollers these days. (I’m sure the manufacturers were not thinking about dogs though) Thanks for the good wishes. Andy says Hi!

Love your table and it looks like “a good time was had by all” (especially Andy)!

Thanks Sandra. Everyone had fun!

What a fun opportunity for you–and Andy! Those dogs in the stroller are just too much.

Aren’t they something! It was fun and I’m glad Andy was here to enjoy it.

Cool! I like Ali Baba and Pedro! 🙂

Glad you like them Erik.

I was going to go to that but decided to go to the beach instead…would have been fun to meet you! Are your books carried at Kidsbooks in Van? My hubby does a ton of buying for the schools and was wondering about it…cheers!

It would have been great to meet you too Jackie. I am sure it will happen soon. KIds Books has carried my books in the past but I am not sure if they still do. (they may be able to order them in) Your husband could contact my publisher directly if he wishes: http://www.centralavenuepublishing.com She is right here in Ladner! Some of the Surrey schools stock my books and the kids love them. Some of the teachers have used them in class as well as they describe other countries.Thanks for your interest.

You had a nice friendly group of pals at your table! It sounds like a wonderful event – I’m sure you’re glad to have been part of it 🙂

Looks like so much fun – and for a good cause too! Andy is having a great time with you – must be the highlight of his adventures!

What a great idea to promote your books like this, Darlene! I generally love fairs. Those dogs in a stroller were adorable!

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