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Andy the Visiting Armadillo

Posted on: August 13, 2012

We are delighted to have as our guest Andy the Travelling Armadillo.  He arrived on Friday after travelling all the way from Mason City, Iowa where he had been a guest of Beth Ann from It’s Just Life.  He belongs to Lenore from Lenore’s Thought Exactly but he likes to travel around and see the world.  He has been to Florida, Texas, Virginia Beach and New Zealand so far. He arrived with his own snacks which he kindly shared with us.

After getting over his jet lag, Andy went to the beach with me yesterday. He loved burrowing into the sand and even went into the water to cool off, where he blended right in. I didn’t mind sharing my towel and book with him.

He joined us later for a refreshing strawberry iced tea at our favourite coffee shop called Ambiente and relaxed with us on our patio after a barbeque.

Andy is such a pleasant visitor I am not sure why Monkey, our cat, is not making friends with him.

Watch for more of Andy’s adventures on the west coast of Canada!

What did you do on the weekend?

31 Responses to "Andy the Visiting Armadillo"

So glad to see Andy made it in such great shape! We miss him and are so glad he was able to spend so much time with us as we traveled this summer—even if part of his trips were of the flat version! Enjoy him ! N

Andy says Hi and he misses you folks too.

Awwww……..if armadillos could talk…..have fun with him!

You are so creative.

Andy is sure having fun!

He sure is and so are we!

I just know you will love having Andy as a guest. He is tidy and makes little noise. Monkey the cat will probably come around to liking him – Lotte did.

Andy has great memories of visiting you and Lotte. We are working on Monkey’s social skills.

A great fun-filled post – I love Andy!
Our weekend was spent in London, visited the Olympic park on Friday then on into London to take in all the sites. It’s only about three hours from where we live in Somerset, but we don’t get to visit often. It was wonderful.

How could you not visit London at this time when you live fairly close. I had such a great time when the Olympics were here in Vancouver. I went downtown every weekend. We enjoyed the closing ceremony Sunday night a lot. Glad you love Andy. You will see much more of him.

Andy’s smaller than I thought! Andy is lucky. He went to the beach!

Wow, you’ve sure been showing Andy a splendid time! Lucky armadillo!

Andy, welcome to Canada. I hope you have good weather during your visit.

Fun! How did Andy get so lucky as to receive an invite to your home?

Andy should really look at his waistline! His diet is teenagerish! But he sure knows how to hang out.


Wish we could go with you, Andy, as you travel the world havin’ all that fun.
Blessings – Maxi

What a great world traveler he’s becoming and I must say that I’m a bit envious of his time on the beach–your beach looks wonderful!

I love Andy, he is soooo cute! I bought a new car, worked, chased a run away dog in ballet flats and edited edited edited, oh and more edited Walking!

Wow! Sounds like abusy weekend. Did you get to sleep? Editing can be very labour intensive.

I have a little gnome who lives with me that would love to travel, as Andy does. Maybe someday. Andy looks like he is enjoying the best of Vancouver!

Thanks for visiting Cindi. Hope your gnome gets to travel someday.

Perhaps you could start a travel plan for your gnome – what’s his name- just like Lenore Diane did for Andy. 🙂

What a great start to another exciting adventure!! I hope Monkey warms to Andy, though I completely understand the hesitation. 🙂
Thank you for hosting, Andy, Darlene.

Thanks for allowing Andy to visit us here on the west coast of Canada. We will be sure to give him a good time. We will work on Monkey’s interpersonal skills.

Sounds like a great adventure! And I’d so like to have a strawberry iced tea with Andy. My weekend was spent with my Grandma, and reading and watching the Olympics.

Sounds like a wonderful weekend to me.

I hope Andy took lots of pictures to remember his visit there. The scenery is beautiful! If I ever make it up there, will you take me for strawberry iced tea, too? That looks so refreshing! I’m sure Andy will win Monkey’s heart, just like he did ours.

Andy is taking tons of pictures. I know he had a great time with you folks. Hope we can live up to those memories. You bet I will show you around and take you for iced strawberry tea should you ever get to this part of the world. XO

Oh – isn’t he cute! I just love the poses you have chosen. The last photo is just classic – your Monkey looks so put out!

Since Monkey has become an only cat, she has become quite possessive of our attentions.

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