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Alice in Wonderland

Posted on: July 26, 2012

From time to time I feel compelled to brag a bit about my children.  Today I want to share a few things about my daughter who I have blogged about here before. https://darlenefoster.wordpress.com/2011/06/07/the-mad-mudslinger/  She has been very busy making amazing pottery. Recently she was part of an Alice in Wonderland event on Gabriola Island where her pottery was displayed.  I think she makes a delightful Alice, don’t you?






Her artwork has been accepted for the 2012 Sooke Fine Arts Show.  So if you are in the Victoria area July 28 – August 6, stop in and view her work, as well as the work of many other talented artists.  She has followed her dream and I am so proud of her.

(If you click on the pictures, they become larger)

31 Responses to "Alice in Wonderland"

You have good reason to brag. Her work is lovely, too.
Proud mom!!

Thanks Ruth!

Not only does she do lovely work, she also puts on a knockout display. The stand, the sign and the shed in the background add to the pottery. Her designs are very unique.

Thanks Diane! I should have mentioned that she used some of the table linen that was my mom’s for the display. I love that she appreciates these heirloms.

That’s very cool. I’ve always wanted to learn how to make pottery.

She has been a potter since she was about 2 years old!

That’s so neat. Good for her.

She makes a great Alice! And it looks like a wonderful event, too.

She dyed her wedding dress blue for the occassion (what a recycler!)

You should be proud of your “Alice in Wonderland” daughter, Darlene. Her imagination and creativity is something to brag about.
Blessings – Maxi

THanks Maxi! I am proud.

She is most beautiful and most gifted and she makes a charming Alice! Most Proud Friend of Most Proud Mom!

You are most welcome. I knew you would appreciate this as you are so into following your dreams.

Cool! If only I wasn’t so far away and be on vacation…

My daughter would really like you Erik. Perhpas one day you will meet.

She’s lovely and very talented too! I’d also be tempted to brag in your position!

Thanks Sharon. So glad you understand.

She does nice work, Darlene. Dyed her wedding dress? Now that is a gifted crafter and recycler.

Thanks Patti. She is talented in many ways!

How special that she began so early to move into the direction of her dreams.

I am so glad she followed her dreams.

Excellent! Congrats! Beautiful pottery.

How wonderful Darleen, brag away – your daughter is beautiful and her pottery looks amazing. I wish I could visit the art show!

Thanks Barbara. Perhaps one day she will have a show in England.

One of questions on psych eval IQ exam is “Who wrote Alice in Wonderland”? Of course I know but knowing facts does not mean we are smarter but just know a lot of stuff which skews the IQ score higher than accurate.

I think one could really play with those answers and give people the complete wrong picture (Or would it?)

I love goofing on the shrink. Usually the intern asks a series of pre session questions. One of which is “Have you been hearing strange voices?” My reply “No , no strange voices. Just the regular ones: Jesus and Napoleon.”

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