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I was S.A.D. but now I’m Happy!

Posted on: July 8, 2012

All the rainy, cool weather was getting me down these past few weeks.  Being raised in southern Alberta, I need my sunshine. But the sun is out now and it’s warming up so I am no longer suffering from S.A.D.  My travelling friend Alison Sandiland took some great pictures of Vancouver in the sun and posted them on her blog.  When it is nice here, it is so nice!

Jericho Beach by Alison Sandilands

Visit her blog See My Travels for more wonderful pictures of this beautiful part of the world that I call home. http://www.seemytravels.com/2012/07/07/summer-has-arrived-in-vancouver/

The other thing that has made me very happy this week is my interview with Diane Tibert McGyver.  You can read the interview on her blog.  http://dianetibert.com/2012/07/06/author-interview-darlene-foster/ Be sure to add a comment.

Diane asked some great questions.  Diane is an east coast blogging friend and an author as well. I love being interviewed by other authors; it is a great compliment.

I wish everyone a Happy Weekend wherever you are!

28 Responses to "I was S.A.D. but now I’m Happy!"

Glad you’re now happy, Darlene. I’llpop over and check out the interview. 🙂

Thanks Laura. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, a little sun, a little chocolate, a good book, a warm hug…….

I loved this interview! I’d love to be a character from a Jane Austen novel as well!

Thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the interview.

Thanks for posting photo and so sorry to hear you have been down with S.A.D. It’s good to hear you’re back to your cheery self now that the sun is out. I hope the weather stays like this 🙂

It wasn’t as bad as I made out but the dull, rainy weather was starting to get to me. Now we can really enjoy summer!

June broke a record for the amount of rainfall. July has been nothing but sunshine which has been great for the Calgary Stampede’s 100th Anniversary.

It is amazing how the sun usually shines on the Calgary Stampede! I wish all the good folks in Calgary a wonderful time celebrating the 100th anniversary.

The ‘photos on ‘See my travels’ are amazing – even looking at some sunshine was a treat. It’s rained and rained for weeks and weeks in the UK.
Going to read the interview now.

I guess the weather has not been good anywhere, either too cold and rainy or too hot causing fires! Here’s hoping for good weather for the summer Olympics.

I would like to go swimming today. Swimming is a great way not to be sad 🙂

Have fun swimming Erik. I am off to the beach myself.

I’m full of energy again too. Yippee!

It doesn’t take us long on the west coast to get our energy back and forget about all those rainy days!

Sun and chocolate–unbeatable combination! My spirits go up with both!

Thanks Sandra. It is a fabulous combination!

Glad you’re feeling better. We need some of that rain!

I know Patti, it just doesn’t seem fair. We get too much and you don’t get enough.

Thanks, Darlene. I love sharing news about other authors on my blog. I spent three winter months in Banff, Alberta. It was beautiful then; I can’t wait to return and see it during the spring.

Although it can get quite cold in Alberta, the sun tends to shine a lot. Thanks again for the interview Diane. I look forward to interviewws of other writers on your blog.

You usually have great weather there and a lot more sun than in the UK. But I think the weather has gone mad all over the world.

That is a great way of putting it Niamh. The weather has gone mad all over the world!

We have descended into the depths of our southern winter down under and I’ve seen some of the coldest weather in my nearly 20 years in Adelaide. I have been wearing two layers of clothing, which is unprecedented.

Despite this, the Australian winters, for me, are a great time for warm log fires – particularly outdoors ones, where I go wild with my outdoor culinary exploits. And of course, I can partake in many a red wine which is always a good fringe benefit.

I too enjoyed your wonderful interview Darlene. It’s wonderful to see your Amanda In… series growing. My daughter is going to love them whenshe old enough.

Thanks for commenting Dean. Your outdoor fires and cooking sound great fun. Look forward to your next publication! Much love to the family

Hi Darlene, just saw the rest of those pics on the Travels page, beautiful! In the midst of our Winter way down under heading into the rainy season of winter….. can’t wait for summer…lol.

The pictures are pretty awesome. Glad you checked them out. We are lucky to get some nice weather here. When we do we forget about all the cold rainy days we have had. Funny how that works!

I like it so much better when it is sunny, too. And it looks lovely now! Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

Thanks so much. I plan to have a glorious weekend.

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