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Guest Blogger, Author Brenda Iovino

Posted on: June 4, 2012

I love to learn about other authors and where they get their ideas. I recently interviewed Brenda Iovino,  author of  The Shadow of You.

Here is the blurb from the author’s website:

Monica is a 40’ish divorcee raising her teenage daughter in New York City. She writes for a magazine and her life is ordinary in every way, but one. She has vivid memories and dreams of another life, another time, and another place. Her name is Flying Snow Goose and she is a member of the Dine tribe in northern New Mexico, in the 18th century.

After questioning her sanity, Monica decides it was something she read, or the vestige of some childhood fantasy. But, then, he arrived. His name is Hawk, a regal Indian brave, and the husband of Flying Snow Goose. Monica could see and feel him in ways she could not understand, much less explain to anyone else. Yes, he became her lover.

Trying to balance her present life with the invasion and intensity of her former life as Snow, Monica struggles to live as a contemporary woman in a reality that is not as simple as most of us are used to living. The veil has been pierced, and this modern day woman must discover whether she is the victim, or is blessed, by this strange revelation, this Native who happens to be in her Manhattan apartment now.

What inspired you to write your book, The Shadow of You?

 I came to write this novel by sheer necessity.  I know that sounds ominous, but the truth is, it is somewhat.  I write plays mostly, with a few short stories thrown in.  But, I had reached a point where I was too emotional and not able to go forward with any fresh stories.  I’m trying to put this in a perspective that your readers will understand.  I was having an emotional block due to ‘Hawk’s’ mounting presence.  Yes, the character in my book is real and has been with me for years but started coming into my emotional life more and more.  A dear friend of mine who is ‘gifted’ said I needed to write about him and he basically said the same thing too.  What I mean to say is that my friend channeled him, unbeknownst to me and I had not asked her to, even though I was aware of her gifts.  She gave me a letter he dictated to her, for me. It was then that I realize I needed to articulate our story.

 The novel is based on true events.  Hawk gave me our memories in that previous time when we were married and the novel tells our story.

 What’s your life in New Mexico like and what brought you there?

 This was a calling of a time past and previous life.  When the realtor showed me my property, it was the first on her list; I got out, looked at those mountains and told her I was home.  I didn’t need to see any other places, and I didn’t.

 Truth is, this is where Hawk and I lived, so it was him calling me back.  I love it here in Northern New Mexico,Taos, (I live 23 miles West of Taos) is a wonderful place to explore the arts, all kinds.

 I have my horses, dogs and cats and all the open range and mountains I could ever want.  The beauty is endless.

 Did you self publish?

Yes I did.  I couldn’t see myself going to a publishing house with my novel.  Not sure of all the whys in that statement but I chose not to.  I went with Create Space, after research.  I know that there are many, but I had to decide on one and they have been very good to me.  Easy to work with and available at all times.  It’s a good fit for me at this time.

 Who are your favorite authors/books?

 I’m much into nostalgia, by that I mean I love Hemmingway and Fitzgerald.  Lawrence Durrell’s The Alexandria Quartet is a favorite of mine but my favorite book is The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

 I’m in-between books at the moment, but have been thinking of rereading the Alexandria Quartet, which are four books.

 My problem is if I’m trying to write, I try not to start a book because I tend to become consumed with what I’m reading and I have no time to write.  Does that make sense?

 I am mounting a play of mine at this time, ‘That Irish Thing’, and I will be directing for the first time.  So my head is all about this.

 What did you read as a child?

 My mother was a great reader and I inherited her library since my sisters weren’t into reading and neither was my father.  So, I just picked from her books and read.  No favorites just enjoyed the many vast stories.  I used it as an escape since I was the only introvert in my family.  I still love the feel of a book and at one time owned a used bookstore.  I just bought a Kindle Fire but mostly so I wouldn’t have to lug my laptop with me, every time I travel, which I do frequently.  Nice that with the Kindle Fire you can go onto the web, and it’s mostly correspondence I need to keep up with, when traveling.

 I love the name of your daughter, how did you come up with it and does it have a special meaning.

 Kryssandra’s name would have been Clea, a character in one of Lawrence Durrell’s The Alexandria Quartet books entitled ‘Clea’.  Her father did not care for it.  We had decided if she were a boy, she would be named after him and if a girl I could sort of pick it.  I was reading an article in Life Magazine at the time, may have been an old one and the name Cassandra popped out to me.  We decided to make it a little different and replace the ‘C’ with a ‘K’.

 I want to thank you Darlene for the opportunity to be a guest on your blog and tell your readers that The Shadow of You is available on Amazon, Kindle and on my web site, http://dreamartsproductions.com/what-have-we-done.html and also at local stores in Taos, New Mexico.


Brenda Iovino

Author of  The Shadow of You

 Thank you, Brenda for being a guest on my blog.  You book sounds fascinating and just as fascinating, is your life.  I wish you much luck with this book and with all your writing.  Should I find myself near  Taos, New  Mexico, I will be sure to have you sign a copy of your book.

If anyone would like to be a guest on my blog, please let me know.

23 Responses to "Guest Blogger, Author Brenda Iovino"

Great post, Darlene. Brenda, your book sounds fantastic. It’s amazing how stories come to us in such strange ways, yet we don’t think it’s strange at all.

Thanks Brianna. Stories come to us in many different ways. I’m so glad that people take the effort to write them down for our enjoyment.

Agreed. I haven’t been reading much fiction lately, since I’ve been on a memoir kick, but there’s so many great stories out there. The whole premise of “no new ideas” is bunk, in my opinion. I can’t think of a single book that is even remotely similar to what Brenda has written.

Thanks Brianna. Would love to hear from you if kyou get a chance to read my novel. Namaste

Wonderful blog today, Brenda. Darlene, you are the perfect host!

Great interview and I posted a link on my FB author page.

Thanks Sandra and thank you for posting on you FB page. Namaste

Great post and interview Ms. Foster and Ms. Iovino! 🙂

Thanks you for taking the time to read. Namaste

A very interesting story. It is strange and intriguing what the subconscious mind knows. As a heavy dreamer of things that may have been true at one time, I understand Brenda’s need to get the story down on paper.

Brenda, your home sounds beautiful. It is wonderful to have a connection to the land in which you live. It feels satisfying just to stand and breathe it all in. I know that feeling.

Thanks Diane. I would love to hear how you enjoyed my novel and what your thoughts are. Thanks you again for taking the time to comment on Diane’s blog and reading my interview. Namaste

I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this post I’m so glad I called in today.

Glad you did too. What part was most pleasing to you? Namaste

So pleased everyone enjoyed reading about Brenda and her book. There are so many amazing people out there!

Darlene let me take this time in thanking you for allowing me to be a guest on your blog. I enjoyed it much and also reading the response it got. Namaste

You’re welcome Brenda. I am pleased to introduce another author to my readers. It was great to se so much interest. Thanks for responding to the comments.

I was also thrilled to read all of your readers comments. Namaste

Good interview, Darlene. The Shadow of You has a sense of modern intrigue. All the best to Brenda in her writing ventures.
Blessings – Maxi

Thanks Maxi. I too wish Brenda well. She has a unique story to tell.

Thank ykou Max for your kind words. Would love to hear from you regarding my book if you get the chance to read it. Namaste

Darlene, I so want to read about The March Hare Book Store! Can you tell me the title of the book? I’m going to treat myself to a copy.

That is wonderful Barbara. Amanda in England – The Missing Novel is due to be published this summer and I will be sure to anounce the launch. My books are available on Amazon UK. Amamad in England is the third in the series. Thanks for your interest!

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