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Sunbeam Award

Posted on: May 8, 2012

Last week my blog was bestowed the coveted Sharon’s Little Sunbeam Award and I couldn’t be happier.  Not only does Sharon, a blogging friend from Ireland, give my blog the award, she goes on to say such nice things like:

Darlene is a published writer and her blog features excerpts from her world, heart warming stories, and of course posts on writing and books.  The beauty of Darlene’s personality shines through her writing – that to me is always as appealing as the content itself.  I always appreciate her friendly comments….  Read more on the post  http://sharonssunlitmemories.blogspot.ca/2012/05/sharons-little-sunbeam-award-week-6.htm

You will love the delightful pictures Sharion has included with this post.

I would encourage you to check out Sharon’s blog as it always features enchanting pictures, cut out dolls from the past and stories and photographs from her fairy tale life in rural Ireland.  If I ever get to Ireland, I will be sure to make a visit.

I love all my wonderful blogging friends and Thank you so much Sharon for this award. It made my day!

They say the ultimate compliment is when someone copies you.  I was truly complimented when Sharon used my idea of “My Favouirte Things” as a blog theme.

Wishing nothing but sunbeams and happy times for everyone!

22 Responses to "Sunbeam Award"

Congratulations. What a wonderful friend.

I am so lucky to have such fab friends!

Congrats Darlene. You are becoming quite the celebrity.

You deserve it, Darlene. I will check out Sharon’s blog also. I am very keen to link Plum Tree Books and all the creative things we do here with other great blogs. Thank you for the recommendation.

You will love her blog!

I do! Maybe we should invite her to Plum Tree! What do you think?

I think we should invite her for sure!

Then Please do! We are always ready to welcome lovely, Pay it Forward, talented people to our Plum Tree community.

Congratulations, Darlene. Sharon’s Little Sunbeam is a lovely award and one you richly deserve.

Thanks Barbara. I feel so honoured.

Congratulations! Happy Sunbeam to you!

Happy sunbeam back Eric!

Congrats! You are a deserving winner of the award. Bask in the sunbeam. Donna

Thanks Donna, I am basking as we speak.

You are blessed with your circle of admiring friends and fans.

I am truly blessed and happy you are one of them!

Congratulations, Darlene! Love your blog and I’m paying the Sunshine Award forward to you since your blog is so inspiring and brings Sunshine into so many lives! I’ll give you the details later this week when I have a chance to catch up with my backlog.

Darlene, when I saw the image for the Sunshine Award, I realized that the Sunshine Award and the Sunbeam Award are the same award. But it’s still pretty cool to know that you were nominated for the same award by two different people!

Wow, thanks! The sunshine just keeps pouring in. Love it!

Hi Sandra – the Sunshine Award is a different award. My little sunbeam is a personal award that is not connected to the sunshine flower logo on Darlene’s sidebar – so you were not duplicating the same thing when you thought of Darlene at the same time. She deserves both awards and its lovely that we both chose her at the same time – Sharon x

Thanks Darlene! I’m so glad you have enjoyed my little sunbeam award – don’t forget it is yours to bask in exclusively for the whole week! Thanks for being such a great blogging friend and for spreading the sunbeams around – Sharon xxx

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