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A few of my favourite things

Posted on: April 26, 2012

On Sunday I went for a walk around my neighbourhood and the beach near my house and thought about how lucky I am to live where I do.  It is a dream come true for me to live in such a beautiful place. I believe in an attitude of gratitude, so decided to make a list of things I am grateful for.  Here are just a few of my favourite things that came to mind on my walk:


 My favourite neighbourhood coffee shop


My favourite pastime


My favourite flower shop (across the street from my house)


My favourite beach (10  minutes from my house)


My favourite log at the beach (where I often read)


My favourite man!

The list could go on but I will stop here.  What are some things you are grateful for in your life right now? 

32 Responses to "A few of my favourite things"

Going to think of things and be grateful. Nice post.

Today my favourite thing is my blog’s new look. Tomorrow it will be something else.

Today my favourite thing is my blog’s new look. Tomorrow it will be something else.

I like your new blog site too.We sould have new favourite thing every day!

My sons, daughter and son-in-law, my faith, my friends and my writing colleagues – that means YOU Darlene – the chance every day to get it right, whatever ‘it’ happens to be that day, the Berkeley hills…

Thanks my wonderful writer friend. We do have so much to be grateful for don’t we.

Love your photos, Darlene. I wouldn’t be able to read very long on that log, my body would be talking too loudly! I’m thankful you have such a lovely place to live.

I am lucky I can sit and read on that log for a while. I do have to get up and walk around after awhile though. Thanks for being thankful for me.

It must feel great to be so close to the sea. Wonderful pictures here, Darlene. Things/people I’m grateful for: Family & friends (naturally), the big rain tree outside my window, my cozy neighbourhood library & its cafe, books & cats …

I was raised on the prairies so living by the sea is a dream come true for me. Sounds like you have many things to be thankful for.

I like you have a favorite log to sit and read on. I have a tree in our yard that I sit in and read 🙂

Everyone needs a special place to read.

Lovely shot of the beach with the mountains in the back. I love living near the water, too, and someday, I’ll live closer to it.

For now, I’m thankful it feels like spring, that I have raspberries for my steel cut Scottish oatmeal (hot in the bowl beside me), that my sheep always look forward to my visits and my deck chair in the sun where I ‘work’ with my manuscript on my lap.

Great things to be thankful for!

Love your “Attitude of Gratitude” and I love all of your “favorite things.” What a great neighborhood complete with beach close by!

I do feel blessed. Thnaks Sandra.

fun list, and I liked reading some of the other lists as well by commenters.
I have a lot of that I am grateful for every single day, but right now at this moment I am grateful for the sleeping baby, the quiet moment, the impending rain, and the fresh pipping hot ginger tea I am enjoying 🙂

I love being grateful for the things of the moment. Those are all wonderful things to be grateful for.

I just loved this post Darlene – It was so nice to see your list – what a great idea! I think I’ll have to borrow it and do something similar sometime – Sharon

Please do borrow it, I would be most pleased. Glad you liked it.

All week long I’ve been grateful for the company of my daughter and granddaughter.

Thanks for sharing some of your favourite things with us, Darlene. 🙂

A week with that darling granddaughter of yours would make anyone grateful!

I loved the list and the pictures – especially your husband! What a great post.

Thanks! I like how you include your hubby in your posts from time to time as well.

Thanks for the compliment! He’s a really good sport about it, which I appreciate.

The place where you live is so inviting, Darlene. I love small towns.

I am most grateful for—each and every breath—never know when it will be the last.

Blessings – Maxi

Thanks Maxi! It is a perfect place as it is a small community near a lagre metropolis. So we have the amenities of a large city with the ambiance and peacefulness of a small town. Every weekend I feel like I am on a mini vacation.

I especially like the last one. Good for you, that you know to be grateful.

Thanks! He is a great guy and I am grateful he is around.

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