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Steveston Stroll

Posted on: April 23, 2012

My brother recently returned from a five month stay in Thailand and spent the weekend with us on the west coast before returning to his home in Edmonton, Alberta.  Being a lovely Sunday, we visited the historic fishing village of Steveston, on the Fraser River.

Hubby and me and the docks at Steveston Village

We had fun strolling along the boardwalk where we discovered a newly erected wood sculpture depicting an Orca mother and baby.  A great photo op.





We noticed smoke coming from a fish boat and then – horrors, a body in the water! My husband pointed out it was the Richmond Fire Department conducting on the water disaster training.  I then realized the body in the water did look a bit like a “dummy”.








We walked down to the fish boats where the fishers were selling their fresh catch.  Many families were out taking in the mild weather and making a purchase for to take home for dinner.  There were many choices, salmon, sole, snapper and shrimp to name a few.








Our mouths watered as we walked by a number of fish and chip shops. But it was too late for lunch, which we already had, and too early for dinner.  So we stopped at Waves Coffee Bar, another new addition since our last visit, where I enjoyed a delicious London Fog and yummy cinnamon swirl while brother and hubby had coffee and other delectable treats. We sat outside and people watched. After a tough week at work it was just what I needed.

Brother having a Canadian coffee and dessert

Spring on the south west coast of Canada is so lovely with cherry blossoms, tulips and daffodils everywhere you look.  I spotted some narcissus outside the coffee shop that looked almost artificial they were so perfect.  I am so lucky to live in this beautiful part of the world.  If you visit Vancouver, make sure you take a trip to Steveston Village in Richmond.


What is the best part of where you live? 


Here's looking at you!

29 Responses to "Steveston Stroll"

I love Steveston too. Definitely a gem in the Lower Mainland – thanks for taking me there for a visit!

Thanks Robi. Maybe one day we can meet up there.

Sounds like a lovely place for a change of scenery. Love the orca sculpture.

You would love to take pictures there Patti. So many great photo ops. the whale sculpture was indeed amazing.

What an extensive stroll around Stevenston. I feel as though I visited. Would love to try some of that fresh, wonderful fish.

Isn’t it great to visit other places through the eyes of others? The fresh fish is incredible.

This looks like a great place to visit!

If you and your family ever come for a visit I will personally take you for a tour!

What a wonderful day! When we visited Seattle we got to see locks for the first time. It was fun to watch a boat come up in them.

I love visiting the locks in Seattle. I am always fascinated watching the boats rise to the top. Someday I wish to go through the Panama Canal, that would be amazing to see.

Steveston is my hometown! My cousin sells salmon too on the ‘Pacific Battler’. I love the new Orca feature too, (my kids run circles around it while others are trying to snap photos…)Apparently it was carved in 24 hours. Nice pics!

Thanks Jackie! Might be a great place to meet for a coffee one day and talk about writing stuff or whatever!

that would be really cool! Maybe in the summer…:)

What a great post and what beautiful photos–I was so there with you! I have to disagree on one point however, it’s never “too early” to eat!
Thanks for sharing your weekend with us!

Ha! Ha! You have a point Sandra! My brother’s clock was a bit askew from jet lag and we just weren’t hungry enough for a fish and chip meal. But to make amends, he did treat us to F & C later that day before we took him to the airport.

We had never spent much time in Richmond or Steveston, but took a visiting daughter to the village for a tour during her recent visit. It’s a very pleasant place to explore.

I find it very relaxing, away from the hustle and bustle. I should go more often as it is only 30 minutes from my house.

Spring time!! I love it. My mouth waters at the thought of the fish and chips.

You must come for a visit and we will treat you to F & C

I love reading your stories. You are such a wonderful writer. This sounds like a very lovely place to visit. Thanks for sharing. The best part of where I live is the fresh air and my big 1 acre yard. There is nothing fancy here but it is a nice place to relax, when there is no wind. I cannot wait for summer to come.

Thank you Teresa for your kind words. I think most people would be very happy to have a 1 acre yard to relax in.

What a great place for a stroll, the sculpture is just beautiful.

It is indeed very picturesque. I was impressed with the sculpture and surprised when I walked around it and discovered the adorable baby Orca.

I love this post and that seafood looks so good! I’ll have to check this place out 🙂

Yes you will have to visit Steveston. Perhaps we can meet for a coffee or a bite to eat there.

I enjoyed walking around with you and seeing the sights – how very nice of you to write up and post the photos! I laughed about the body in the water – that was a good one.

What’s a London Fog? Some sort of coffee drink like a latte? Or were you drinking alcohol? Gasp! Inquiring minds want to know.


P.S. Gave you a shout at Louise Behiel’s blog. She was having trouble linking her book and I told her to check how yours worked.


Glad you enjoyed the stroll Nancy. A London Fog is Earl Grey tea with frothed milk and a shot of vanilla. It is very much like a latte but with Earl Grey tea instead of coffee. The best is the vanilla! Thanks for the shout, I checked out Louise’s blog and I see her book is linked, so it worked. You are so great at helping people with these small things. XO

The London Fog sounds great. I don’t like Earl Grey tea, but I have a chocolate mint tea that this could be good with. I’ll have to give it a try. Thanks!

Yes, I saw her book was linked too. I hope she does well with it.

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