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You Can Go Home Again

Posted on: March 20, 2012

Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do… but how much love we put in that action.
Mother Teresa

I just returned from a week in Medicine Hat, Alberta visiting family and cleaning out Mom’s apartment as she embarks on another phase of her life in a retirement centre.  It was emotional, stressful and a lot of hard work but there were some highlights as well.

reading at Jesse's school

I visited my ten year old grandson’s school and read from my books.  Jesse got to introduce me to the class and held the Ali Baba puppet while I read.  It was a lot of fun; the kids were very attentive and asked great questions.  They even gave me ideas for future books.




I spent a lot of time with Mom which was great.  We went through her clothes, shoes and jewellery together, deciding what to keep and what to give to charity.  We both like nice clothes and accessories and we both hate to get rid of them.  So it was a good thing to do together.  I hung familiar pictures in her new place to make it feel more like home.  It is a very nice place and I am sure she will be comfortable there and well taken care of.

Me and Mom

Spending valuable time with all my grandchildren, and my son and his wife as they helped with packing things up and making deliveries was a treat.  Aunts and Uncles dropped in to see Mom, so I had an opportunity to see them as well.  It made me realize once again how lucky I am to belong to such a large, caring family.

Reading from the Owl book Grandma brought with her from BC.  They sure love books.

Then there was a chance to reconnect with old friends.  One made me dinner, another invited me to her new art gallery/restaurant, Inspire,  and two took me out for a much needed drink my last night.  I chatted on the phone with another dear friend who is also dealing with an aging mother.

I was happy to be home after eight days away and hubby and cats were eager to see me, but I am glad I took the time to go back home.

Have you had a chance to go back home recently and how was the experience?

18 Responses to "You Can Go Home Again"

There are many stages to life. Growing old is one of them. I think the way to look at the whole process of aging is as a natural progression. In actual fact we all want to reach that state. The alternative is to die young.

Some people do growing old very well. They seem to enjoy every step of thier life to the max. I plan to be one of them!

I remember helping my mum to move into a smaller apartment in a town rather than out in the country. It was a difficult decision but once made it was the best thing we could have done. She loved her new life, made loads of friends and enjoyed spending more time with her family. I hope your mum will be very happy in her new home.

Can’t believe how much your mom looks like my mother-in-law. She was the best; it was difficult when she developed Alzheimer’s and we had to place her in a nursing home.

Your mom is fortunate to have a daughter who cares so much. Blessings – Maxi

Thanks Maxi for your kind words. Mom always makes sure she looks good no matter how she is feeling. I admire that.

How wonderful for you to be able and eager to do this! Your mother was thrilled, I’m sure to get your help and to see you, as we’re your son and his family. What a lovely piece!

Thanks so much. We are a close family, even though we do not live near each other. I am indeed lucky.

I’m so glad you made the trip. What fun to read to the class, and even be inspired by them. My parents have been gone quite a few years. A few years back when we returned to WV to visit, we drove by the house where I grew up, and found it so different. I won’t be going back home.

I know what you mean. I went back to our old farm/ranch a few years ago and it had become a llama farm. Llamas were grazing in what used to be mom’s garden! It just didn’t seem right.

Thanks for sharing your “going home” experience with all of us and your grandkids must be so proud of you! It sounds like it was a very smooth transition for you mom. Blessings to all of you!

Thanks Sandra. These changes are never easy but Mom handled it graciously as she does everything. I am glad I was able to take some time off work and help out. The reading at the school was a special treat.

Nice to read about your visit home, Darlene. Your Mom is looking as well as when I last saw her – not a day older! My granddaughter Allison is waiting to hear when your third novel about Amanda will be finished. Any camels in that one?

Thanks Heather, I will tell Mom. You can let Allison know the next book should be done by this summer (Hopefully) No camels but a wonderful Maine Coon cat called Rupert who lives in a bookstore.

Our parents are gone now; I had no siblings and my hubby’s one brother recently died, so “going home” is different… something our married children say when they’re coming here to visit. Our three are all married and have children of their own, and we have a wonderful time when we get together. Family is such a joy and I’m sure your mother feels blessed by hers, and appreciates all you’ve been doing for her, too.

Thanks Carol. Mom is very happy to have a large caring family and appreciates everything we do for her. My son and his children live in the same city and they drop in often and run errands for her. I feel bad that I am not closer but am happy they are there for her. She is well loved.

Loved this post Darlene. My Mum lives not far and prefers to be very independent although on the other hand she wants us to run around after her. We have suggested retirement homes or appartments but she is dead set against it. I know I would feel happier if she was where others can keep an eye on her if we are busy at work or overseas. But she doesn’t see it that way…. *sigh*. Guess time will change her ways eventually and we will carry on as we have always done. Your Mum looks very well. Loved the photos to.

I know how you feel. It is nice if they can be as independant as possible but since my Mom broke her hip a year ago, she has had mobility issues and needs extra care. It was hard for her to leave her lovely apartment but she realizes it had to be, Glad you liked the photos.

I loved the picture of you & your Mom together – what big smiles! I enjoyed reading about what your did with your family and the enjoyment of seeing them.

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