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Tea with Good Company

Posted on: March 6, 2012

“The company of clever, well-informed people, who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company.”  ~ Jane Austen

On Sunday I met with nine friends for an early birthday celebration at one of my favourite places, The Secret Garden Tea Company in Kerrisdale. http://www.secretgardentea.com/   It was a delightful gathering of friends who have supported and inspired me over the years.  Many had not met each other before but all had something in common. Besides being friends with me, they love to travel and shared many interesting travel experiences.  They also love to read and we often exchange books and book ideas.  Oh yes – they all love good food.








Upon our arrival at this cozy tea shop, we were presented with an extensive menu of teas, making it hard to decide on one.  I chose the plum and cottage pear tea for this occasion. Then came the elegant three-tiered trays of miniature pastries, sweets, sweet scones,Devoncream, raspberry jam, and tiny sandwiches.  Everything was fresh and delicious, no one left hungry.

It was a perfect occasion for me to wear my fabulous fascinator, a Christmas gift from one of the friends attending.  It felt so right.

I left contented and filled with happiness, so grateful to have such wonderful friends to share tea and lively conversation with.  One should do this more often.

“Whatever our situation in life… we can and should surround ourselves with friends who not only understand us, but also inspire us to make the most of our current calling.” ~ Beverly LaHaye

18 Responses to "Tea with Good Company"

Happy birthday, Darlene! Looks like you and your gal pals had a wonderful time. That’s great!

Looks like a great afternoon Darlene…amazing we do not take more time to ‘smell the tea’ as it were. You have those special friend because you are, indeed, a special person and it is lovely to know you. Warm wishes, Peter Ormesher

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story. Happy Birthday and may you be blessed with many more. Donna

Thank you everyone for your kind words and best wishes. I consider my blogging friends good company as well!

Sounds like a lovely time. What a great Beverly LaHaye quote. Thanks for sharing it.

Thanks for stopping by! It is a lovely quote.

Belated Happy BD wishes and thanks for sharing your special occasion with all of us. Good friends are truly a treasure!

I actually don’t celebrate a birthday, I celebrate a birth month, so your wishes aren’t belated at all. Thanks so much for thinking of me and being my blogger friend.

Sounds like a great combination- good friends and tea… 🙂

There is nothing better.

Hi Darlene, Happy Birthday to you. Afternoon Tea with friends is a great way to celebrate and those tea cups are fab! 🙂

Thanks for the good wishes Alison. The tea cuops are wonderfula nd have been collected from all over. It is a little bit of England in BC.

What a fabulous way to spend a birthday afternoon! Good friends who share common interests are quite rare. (I’ve realized I don’t have too many common interests with my good friends … though we still enjoy each other’s company. 🙂 ) Your plum and cottage pear tea sounds intriguing.

Thanks Claudine. Having tea with friends is one of my favourite things to do and I love trying different flavours and types. Plum and cottage pear was great!

Happy Belated Birthday my friend! What a wonderful way to start off your Birthday month…I know how you look forward to many surprises. I am so happy to see that your stories are flowing so nicely. You are an amazing person and we are all blessed to know you. Miss you lots.
Love your friend,

Thanks for commenting and for the Birthday wishes Shirley-Ann. Miss you too, we have all been so busy lately but when the dust settles we must get together. XO

Happy belated birthday (sorry I’m a bit behind)! I’ve done the high tea with my daughter a few times and it’s always been great fun. One year after Christmas, my mom, sister & niece joined us. It is a great memory. I thought I’d posted a picture (I was going to share it with you) but apparently I did not.

Thanks! It was one of my best birthdays. I do so enjoy high tea. Glad you have some great high tea memories too.

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